Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Mulchmen- Greetings From Planet Stupider

If you like surf music, the ventures and Theremin types of sounds, then this group is just what you’re looking for. Well recorded and produced. Lots of it reminds me of the sound tracks for the "Bug" and "Space Ship" movies of the 50's, If Ed Wood had access to this band I'm certain they could have done the sound track for "Plan 9 From Outer Space". Greetings from Planet Stupider finds the Mulchmen expanding the orbits of their surfy guitar instrumentals. The fittingly spacy album opener "Delta Velocity," jangly pop of "Pocketful of Pennies" and gritty, earthy "Backscratcher" showcase the band's sonic horizons, while "The Stalker," "Go-Go Boot Camp" and "Dr. Cyclops/Danger Todd Robinson" approach a more traditionally beachy sound. Kizirnis' versatile guitar playing and keening theremin give the Mulchmen a stylish, stylized take on instrumental rock.

Served by Brandonio

1 Delta Velocity 2 Backscratcher 3 Spank the Lightning 4 The Stalker 5 Go-Go Boot Camp 6 Pocketful of Pennis 7 Yek-259 8 Lowdown 9 Automatic Egypt 10 Tiddytwister 11 Demanding the Impossible 12 Shadow Walk 13 Ripchord



zillagord said...

This one is great! It is heavy and it is strange-- kinda like Rosanne Barr, without the annoying screetch. Thanks for the post bro.

Brandonio! said...

I will make a sad note in regards to this band and this great album. the amazing drummer Gregg Spence died a short time after of a brain disorder of sorts, my friends and i had just seen the band play live a for the first time a few weeks earlier. Mr.Spence was a astonishing drummer that has really inspiried me. He will sadly be missed.please enjoy the fruits of his labor.This is a very underrated band.

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