Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Man or Astroman? Space Debris Comp

Space Debris, is just that --- debris of astroman music. Mainly stuff I found on cd comps and even some rare Space Ghost clips the band played on the show.

1. A Miracle of Genuine Pyrex 2. A Synthesis of Unknown 3.Substances 4.Closing Theme 5.Don’t Think What Jack
7.Drumulator is Boss
8. Flotation Devices For Frequencies Yet to be Detected
9. Interplanet Janet 10. Johnathan Winters Frankenstein 10.LoBatt
11. Mystery Science Theatre 12. Name of Numbers –Extended
13. Play Me To The Desk 14. Space Ghost Screenplay 16. The Carbonated Comet


1 comment:

Durandal1717 said...

Reupload please? This is literally the only place I've ever been able to find Space Debris

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