Monday, November 19, 2007

The Blue Stingrays - Surf n Burn

More Exotic Surf -- This is an excellent top-shelf classic old-school surf/spy reverb guitar CD. If you like reverb, you'll love this one. Not as hard-edge as Dick Dale & Link Ray nor as laid back as Aqua Velvets. Somewhere in between. The songs are very well-written, performed, and arranged. The players are supposed to be anonymous, but, hey – it was a side project by The Heartbreakers in between gigs. Extremely good production, better than on most surf albums --reverb without the mud, all the instruments can be clearly heard, and the performances are crisp and tight. The guitars are bright and twangy, and like any self-respecting surf record, are at the front but not overly so.

There's not a bad song on this CD and the cool twist is that it has a very retro look and feel even though it was released in 1997. The track list even refers to "Side 1" and "Side 2" and "33 1/2 RPM" as if it was originally a slab of vinyl. There's even the occasional needle scratch noise inserted between tracks. Very Cool.

It’s an intriguing disc, and I find myself listening to it over and over again, which I rarely do. There's a good variety of moods and styles that blend together very well. The quiet and unassuming Ju Ju Beads is my favorite on here. Amazing record--highly recommended.

1. Monsoon 2. Echo Park 3. Goldfinger 4. Brave New World 5. Russian Roulette 6. Moon Over Catalina 7. Malibu Babylon 8. Blue Venus 9. Land Of The Unknown 10. Surfer's Life 11. Stingray Stomp 12. Zuma Sunset 13. Ju Ju Beads 14. Green Sea 15. Super Hero




Brandonio! said...

I forgot to speak up about this cd buddy.I think most people don't know it ,but this is the members of Tom Petty's and the Heartbreakers.Really I swear!I can't think of there names at the moment,but it's oh so true.That would explain the excellent production you were talking about too.

Howard L said...

the link for blue is not working, but stings is.

Unknown said...

any chance you could post the first part again sir?

Adam Dean said...

Benmont Tench & Mike Campbell

rocker79 said...

hey man, the link is gone, but l could get it from ur blogger fellow 'surfadelic' --all remains between friends hehe, anyway a lot of thanks ;}

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