Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day -- Beach Party

Number 3 in the “party” collection …..DEL-FI BEACH PARTY is a bunch of rare or unreleased tracks by Del-Fi artists circa 1963. The big names are David Gates, with his hokey surf novelty "Okie Surfer," Bruce Johnston, who never was an outstanding creative force in his pre-Beach Boys days, and Preston Epps, with the previously unissued "Bongo Beach." The rest is basic surf music, or rock & roll instrumentals from the era. The spooky cocktail-surf of Dave Myers’ "Aquavelva" is my favorite cut. Get all three and add Pulp Surfin’ for a fun snazzy time.

Mazatlan - Bruce Johnston
2. Dancing In The Sand - Wayne Hollers
3. Church Key - The Gonzos
4. Bikini - Ricky Dean
5. Aquavelva - Dave Myers & The Surftones
6. Sammy The Sidewalk Surfer - The Surfettes
7. Surfin' Queen - Larry Bright
8. Only Donna's Friend - Tom & Larry
9. Twist To KCBQ - The Centavos
10. Okie Surfer - DAVID GATES
11. Surfer's Delight - Bruce Johnston
12. Twist & Freeze - Bob Keene Orchestra
13. Little Betty Limbo - Ricky Dean
14. Surfboard - Rene & Ray
15. Bongo Beach - Preston Epps

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