Monday, November 19, 2007

Surf's Up - The Human Tornados

A pedigree doesn't hurt. Bill Schunk was the co-founder and lead guitarist with Beat Rodeo (I still love the Coyote 12 inch "Do You Mean It"). Pete DeCosta was with Bobby Radcliff and Kristi Rose and the Midnight Walkers, as well as the Walking Clampetts. Ted Lawrence was guitarist with the Supertones as well as Purple Knif. Their music is also slated to be included in the upcoming film Anthem. With influences ranging from the Shadows (melodic sense, not archetypical echoplex twang), the Ventures (pristine sound, not bored again chameleons), the Sentinals (Tommy Nuñes melodic sensibility), and Antonio Carlos Jobim (not the rabid approach of Brazil 2001, but rather the measured intricacy of the Raybeats. This CD is very melodic, and well produced. The seasoned talent allows the players to make their sacred noise without leaning on volume or speed. Like the Aqua Velvets, they have an imagery in their work that carries it far beyond the mere limits of instro. It's more than soundtrack, much more than ambient. It commands and soothes. very good CD. Phil Dirt

Talent oozing from every track, very well engineered. This is a one-off colaboration. The musicians got together, between bands, and ripped this one out in about in a very short period. The result is pure enjoyment. This is a must have for the instro-surf/rock lovers. You can't go wrong.

Pugsakuk, The Man From N.O.R.K.A., I Surf In Black, Del Surfin', Incident At Broken Wind, Princess SFWS, Shadow Of The Rangemaster, Theme For Young Lovers, Shempin' Surfari, Hotel Loneliness, Petey Kross The Merzey, Twister, Wave


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