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Hang Ten Gremmie!

Hi everyone! We're having snowy, icy, wintery weather and being house bound for a while got me thinking of the sun. Of course, since I had plenty of time to blog surf I came across some great stuff you should know about. For surfheads and interested listeners alike, the find of the Out Of Print Cowabunga Surf Box is a treaure chest of goodies. It got me thinking of classic surf and related instros -- what would you need to do to get a collection of the best of the best and start the journey into this marvelous genre of music. Well, here you go. This is my attempt to introduce those who have a casual interest in instrumental rock that we call surf music and to add more to those who already love it. This post is all classic surf, all essential listening. Not discounting the modern revivalists, there are polenty of them already posted in the Lounge (see archives). History is history -- the old saw is true - you have to know the past in order to appreciate the future. There is some duplication of cuts in the post - I don't apologize for that -- I'd rather have you edit your own playlist than go by my instincts.
For newbies - "gremmies" - in the surfin' world -- this is a good start and will definately put you on the path of twang nirvana.
For seasoned surf heads -- you should already have most of this --but I hope there are some lesser known gems in the bottom two posts that are worth your time.

Everything here is OOP so I hope you can add to your libraty of great music.

Thanks for hangin' in there.


This is by no way definititve list -- just a decent curl to get your feet wet.

My buddy and contributor Brandonio posted the outrageous 4 disc COWABUNGA Surf Box from Rhino over at RockIsDeadRIP and I highly recommend visiting them and snagging it while you can. The older surf music is adorable, bubbly, and bouncy; newer surf music tends to sound darker and a little more ironic. This box set provides a stellar sampling of both worlds. The first two discs are full of early gems; the second disc covers the decline of surf music in the late sixties, and the final disc gives a tantalizing peek into modern surf-revival music.
Massive, if not quite definitive, four-CD, 82-track box set of surf music. The first three discs are devoted to material from the genre's '60s prime, and the fourth devoted to revivalists from 1977 to 1995. If your interest runs very deep, this should satisfy, placing most of the emphasis on instrumentals rather than vocals (though significant efforts in the latter vein by the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, and others are included). It has most of the big hits, and quite a few of the ones which were principally popular in Southern California, as well as some neat rarities that are hard to find anywhere, like the Illusions' storming "Jezebel," and the Surfmen's "Paradise Cove," the Latin-surf hybrid of Dave Myers's "Moment of Truth," the Sandals' "Theme From Endless Summer," and the Sunrays' Beach Boys Xerox, "I Live for the Sun." Get it!

Legends of the Guitar - Surf

Guitar Player Magazine and Rhino Records conspired to produce a five volume series of influential guitar tracks. This is the surf volume, and if there's a great cross section of classic surf, this is it! Nuff said. Phil Dirt
None of the 18 tracks, all released from 1962-65, were sizable hits; most, in fact, are rare regional singles known only to dedicated surf collectors. There are a few recognizable names: Dick Dale, the Chantays ("Pipeline"), The Ventures, the Surfaris, and Bobby Fuller, but even these selections steer clear of those acts' hits in favor of overlooked cuts. There are also some surprising lead guitarists: future Turtle Al Nichol (as part of The Crossfires), Randy Holden (one of the best obscure U.S. '60s guitarists)...and, most amazingly, Jim Messina playing on discs by early surf combos...essential tracks for building your surf skills.

1.A Run For Life Dick Dale 2.Surf Rider The Lively Ones3.Beyond The Chantays 4.Latin’ia The Sentinals5.Baja The Astronauts 6.Squad Car Eddie and the Showmen7.Tidal Wave The Challengers 8.Tally Ho! PJ and the Galaxies9.Diamond Head The Ventures 10.Soul Surfer Johnny Fortune11.Bombora The Surfaris 12.The Jester Jim Messina and his Jesters13.Gypsy Surfer The Avantis 14.Our Favorite Martian Bobby Fuller and the Frantics15.Bustin’ Surfboards The Tornadoes 16.Point Panic The Surfaris17.Mar Gya The Fender IV 18.Fiberglass Jungle The Crossfires


Rock Instrumental Classics -- Surf

Rhino closes its five-volume rock instrumentals series with an 18-track outing devoted to surf guitar. This fast-paced, prickly, and frequently exciting form may not be among the most diversified structurally, but if does offer some surging playing from its practitioners. They range from founding father Dick Dale to its most popular bands, the Surfaris, Belairs, Ventures, and Chantays. While not particularly a hardcore surf collection, this disc certainly outlines its virtues, and the tunes were long enough to display guitar proficiency, but short enough to prevent self-indulgence and repetition. Each cut on here is a stone cold classic. One of the best basic "best of's" commercially released. Excellent introduction to the wonderful world of surf.

1. Pipeline - The Chantays 2. Mr. Moto - The Belairs 3. Wipe Out - The Surfaris
4. Underwater - The Frogmen 5. Misirlou - Dick Dale And The Del-Tones
6. Diamond Head - The Ventures 7. Baja - The Astronauts
8. Surfer's Stomp - The Mar-Kets 9. Bustin' Surfboards - The Tornadoes
10. Penetration - The Pyramids 11. Mr. Rebel - Eddie and The Showmen
12. Fiberglass Jungle - The Crossfires 13. K-39 - The Challengers
14. Point Panic - The Surfaris 15. Let's Go Trippin' - Dick Dale And The Del-Tones
16. Surf Rider - The Lively Ones 17. Soul Surfer - Johnny Fortune 18.The Lonely Surfer - Jack Nitzsche


Rock Instrumental Classics - the 60's

Here's a wide array of morde essential rocker instro material. There's jazz-tinged fare by pianist Ray Bryant, roadhouse blues/boogie from Lonnie Mack, the Ventures' signature surf tune "Walk Don't Run," and another Duane Eddy floor-shaker, "Because They're Young." The T-Bones' "No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)" was the theme song for Alka Seltzer that will be recognizeable to those of us of a certain age. Jorgen Ingmann’s "Apache" and "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky" by the Ramroads set the tone for future instro styles. Sorry for "Classical Gas", it's on the set but still ok as a novelty. Still excellent for building your library.
1. Walk Don't Run - The Ventures 2. Wild Weekend - The Rebels 3. Let's Go (Pony) - The Routers 4. Memphis - Lonnie Mack 5. Bumble Boogie - B. Bumble &The Stingers
6. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky - Ramrods 7. Apache - Jorgan Ingmann and His Guitar
8. Beatnik Fly - Johnny & The Hurricanes 9. Wheels - The String-A-Longs
10. Bulldog - The Fireballs 11. The Madison Time-Part 1 - Ray Bryant Combo
12. Telstar - The Tornadoes 13. Out Of Limits - The Marketts
14. Wham! - Lonnie Mack 15. Nut Rocker - B. Bumble & The Stingers
16. Because They're Young - Duane Eddy & The Rebels
17. No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In) - The T-Bones
18. Classical Gas - Mason Williams

Rock Instrumental Classics - the 50's

Phil Dirt:
Rhino begins yet another concept line with 18 tasty instrumentals from the rock era. It's the first of a five-volume set devoted to this genre, and they certainly picked the right era to launch it. From Duane Eddy’s shuddering guitar riffs and Link Wray's rumbling licks to Lee Allen's honking sax lines and bleating phrases, Dave "Baby" Cortez's distorted organ, and Ernie Fields' swing/boogie, this anthology shows how early rock & roll emerged through the union of seemingly disparate musical elements. Besides big-band jazz and shouting blues, there were also bits of rockabilly, pop, novelty tunes, and country, reworked and presented in short, captivating ditties. Here the beginnings of surf are starting to burble to the surface. Required cuts for any instro collection.
1. Rebel Rouser - Duane Eddy 2. Topsy, Pt. Iii - Cozy Cole 3. Teen Beat - Sandy Nelson
4. Bongo Rock - Preston Epps 5. Tequila - The Champs 6. Poor Boy - The Royaltones
7. Guitar Boogie Shuffle - The Virtues 8. Happy Organ - Dave 'Baby' Cortez
9. Raunchy - Bill Justis 10. Walkin' With Mr. Lee - Lee Allen and His Band
11. Forty Miles Of Bad Road - Duane Eddy 12. Raw-Hide - Link Wray And His Ray Men 13. In The Mood - Ernie Fields Orchestra 14. Woo-Hoo - Rock-A-Teens
15. Red River Rock - Johnny And The Hurricanes 16. Sleepwalk - Santo and Johnny
17. Rumble - Link Wray And His Ray Men 18.Harlem Nocturne - The Viscounts

Surf Legends and Rumors

A superb assortment of rare surf instrumentals from 1961-1964, it doesn't have many major hits but included are plenty of previously unreleased gems. What I like best is by adding the sequel you get a "best of" of some of the lesser known groups that were still highly influential in their day. Check out "Night Scene" by the Rumblers and you'll see the beginnings of surf noir. "Intoxica" and "Church Key" by the Revels are also classics that predate frat rock. All giid stuff.
1. Cecilia Ann - The Surftones 2. Inertia! - The Hustlers 3. Surf Rat - The Rumblers 4. Bangalore - The Blazers 5. Surfbound - The Nevegans 6. Boss - The Rumblers 7. Church Key - The Revels 8. Intoxica - The Revels 9. Twitchin' - The Pastel Six
10. Night Scene - The Rumblers 11. Downey Surf - The Nevegans
12. Hanging One - The Ramblers 13. Comanche - The Revels
14. It's A Gass - The Rumblers 15. Let There Be Surf - The Chevells
16. Beaver Patrol - The Blazers 17. Hot Dogger - The Pastel Six
18. Destruction - The Rumblers 19. Revellion - The Revels
20. Summertime Blues - The Rumblers 21. Don't Leave Me - The Pastel Six
22. Sound Of Mecca - The Blazers 23. Brahms Nightmare - The Pastel Six
24. Mozart Stomp - The Ramblers 25. Slippin' - The Rumblers 26. Inertia! - The Hustlers

More Surf Legends and Rumors

More surfin' gems from 1961- 64. Some local hits, most unreleased. Enjoy.

1. Baja - The Astronauts
2. Bustin' Surfboards - The Tornadoes
3. Charge Of The Tornadoes - The Tornadoes
4. The Phantom Surfer - The Tornadoes
5. The Gremmie, Part 1 - The Tornadoes
6. Surfin' - The Beach Boys
7. Flashin' Red - The Esquires
8. What A Burn - The Esquires
9. Ticonderoga - The Ramblers
10. Mr. Moto - The Bel-airs 11. Little Brown Jug - The Bel-airs 12. Volcanic Action - The Bel-airs 13. Runaway - The Bel-airs 14. Fugitive - Alan Smith And The Fugitives
15. Double Barrel - The Furries 16. Super Surfer - The Surf-Buddies
17. Rendezvous Rods - The Pastel Six 18. Strange Ghost - The Pastel Six
19. Surfer Smootch - The Pastel Six 20. Bandito - The Pastel Six
21. It's Party Time - The Revels 22. Tough Soul - The Revels
23. One-Armed Bandit - The Nevegans 24. Russian Roulette - The Nevegans
25. Kopout - The Hustlers 26. Migrane - The Hustlers
27. I Can't Believe You're Really Mine - The Barracudas
28. Come Back To Me - The Barracudas



Friday, February 15, 2008

Austin Transit Authority - Surf, Dance, Rockabilly, Turbomachine

Going a bit west today - all the groups are western either in geography or musical bent or both. We start with The Austin Transit Authority - served by Brandonio. He says "The album title is "Surf * Dance * Rockabilly * Turbomachine " which describes the music within well, but I would like to add that this sounds like Galaxy Trio turned Jam band. This Familar with Galaxy Trio and Huevous Rancheros will get a chuckle out my analogy after hearing this album. This band like S.P.E.C.T.R.E (in archives) nevermade a follow up album or at least as far as I know. " Totally raw, fun stuff. Start the weekend with a bang.



Rare West Coast Surf Instrumentals

UK release combines 24 Titan label tracks together on one CD for the first time, sourced from original masters & featuring cult figures Davie Allan, Gary Usher, as well as The Strangers, The Surfmen (later The Lively Ones) & The Lancasters (feat. Ritchie Blackmore).

1. Ghost Hop - The Surfmen 2. Rockin' Rebel - The Strangers 3. Makin' Out - The Storms 4. Earthshaker - The Lancasters 5. Satan's Holiday - The Lancasters
6. Paradise Cove - The Surfmen 7. War Path - Davie Allen
8. Beyond The Blue - Davie Allen 9. Boogie Man - The Strangers 10. Young Maggie - The Strangers
11. The Breakers - The Surfmen 12. Cassanova - The Surfmen 13. A Lost Soul - The Strangers 14. The Scramble - The Playboys 15. Navajo - The Strangers 16. El Toro - The Surfmen 17. Malibu Run - The Surfmen 18. Driven Insane - Gary Usher 19. You're The Girl - Gary Usher
20. The Cat Walk - The Playboys 21. Dance Of The Ants - The Strangers
22. Shot Down - The Storms 23. Hill Stomp - The Strangers 24. Caterpillar Crawl - The Strangers


Bikini World - Modern Surf Across the Planet

What more can you say about such a great album chock full of all these superb modern surf bands? Well for starters, it starts off with the Phantom Surfers which quickly reveals what listeners are in store for. Whether it be The Bomboras with Time Bomb, which is one of my favorites, or Fathomless by The Fathoms, this combo of bands are sure to enthrall casual listeners and true fans of surf music.

1. Sloth & Molasses - The Phantom Surfers
2. Aphrodesia - The Trashwoman
3. Tube City - The Untamed Youth
4. Rumors Of Surf - Southern Culture On The Skids 5. It's A Bikini World - The Boardwalkers 6. Surf's You Right - Laika & The Cosmonauts 7. The Hipster - The Royal Knightmares
8. Scalpin' Party - Jackie & The Cedrics 9. XKE! - The Boss Martians
10. Surfer's Deal - The Daytonas 11. Renegade - The Hillbilly Soul Surfers
12. Fathomless - The Fathoms 13. Calhoun Surf - Los Straightjackets
14. Time Bomb - The Bomboras 15. Chaeto - Sir Bald Diddley & His Honorable Right Big Wigs

The Moon Rays -- The Ghouls Go West

The Moon Rays were born of a concept brought on by the recording of the theme from WGN's Creature Features TV show. About 6 months later they were approached to do a full length cd by SVI/ Sound Imp Records. The decision then was to do a mixture of spy-surf with a Halloween overtone to it. Here is a great fun album of haunting melodies and hipster rhythms with a crazy bongo beat! Borrowing from the classic spooky surf records of the 1960's, it takes you way beyond. From windswept Boothill graveyards to a bongo party on Mars, then all the way back to "Thrillsville" baby. This is one for a stormy night, but don't listen alone. "Thrills and Chills" produced the song "1313 Mockingbird Lane" that has been featured in two films in 2004 -- "Dr. Horrors Erotic House of Idiots" and "American Scary". Excellent all the way through, check out the archives for their "Thrills and Chills" - it will do the same to you.

1. Fear 2. Blues For Vampira 3. The Ghouls Go West 4. The Grim Creeper 5. Dragula Go-Go! 6. Thrillville 7. Little Green Men 8. Dark Shadows (Exotique) 9. El Toro Gano 10. The Hanging Tree 11. La Valse Du Vampir


The Hellecasters - Essential Listening

Instrumentals have been a mainstay of rock and country since their inception, and those driven by electric guitar have popped up repeatedly since the instrument's invention. From steel-and-guitar combos like Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant to Buck Owens & Don Rich's twin telecasters to British Invasion acts like The Shadows to innumerable surf bands to fusionists like Joe Satriani and recent instrumental bands like Los Straitjackets, the electric guitar has logged a lot of time in the spotlight.

The trio of guitarists that make up the Hellecasters (Fairport Convention's Jerry Donahue, The Desert Rose Band's John Jorgenson, and session picker Will Ray) are all masters of the six-string sting. Their talents include firebrand flat-picking, cozy slide playing, nearly inhuman string-bending and the sort of finger-tapping histrionics that fueled many of Eddie Van Halen's solos. What makes their music unique is that the guitar isn't the spotlight for a solo, it's the basis. And it's not one virtuoso, it's three, trading licks and prodding each other to ever greater heights.

This first disc for Hightone, is a kind of greatest hits comp with 2 new cuts. It continues their application of legendary playing to a broad array of originals and a cover of Noel Redding's "Little Miss Strange." The glee in their trio playing keeps this from being an academic exercise, and the constant onslaught of guitar pyrotechnics is wonderfully intense yet never overpowering. As catchy as some of the melodies are, the laid-back, languorous solos are generally outweighed by dramatic, heavyweight playing. Sure to be a favorite of all guitar fans, especially if you like a little countrified twang.

1. Disintonation 2. Valley Of The Pharaohs 3. Ghosts Of 42Nd Street
4. Little Miss Strange 5. Back On Terra Firma 6. Riddler's Journey
7. Danger Man 8. Le Journee Des Tziganes 9. Mr. Natural
10. Axe To Grind 11. Deiter's Lounge 12. Almost Dawn 13. Bucket Of Fish



Gary Hoey - Endless Summer 2

Gary Hoey Phillip Marshall Endless Summer 2

Grab your board, head for the coast, and get into the curl ! Excellent CD ... beats the you know what out of the stuff that's actually making the music charts. Give me this over THAT stuff anyday! I've got all the Hoey releases and enjoy each and every one of them. This can serve as a good introduction and something of a greatest hits. Classic covers like Linus and Lucy -- yes -- that one, to solid originals like Drive --this man is a genius. There may be better technicians playing the guitar today, but rarely does another guitarist write such consistently beautiful tunes. These are more than just vehicles for his solos. These are great songs (without words) that at times are emotional enough to speak to you. Even when he plays at full tilt he doesn't loose sight of the composition. The more I hear of this outstanding talent the more I love his stuff. Vai and Satriani never reach the emotion that Hoey reaches with his music. He rarely if ever plays for the sole purpose of impressing with his chops. His quiter moments bring tears to my eyes. Simply brilliant!! Enjoy.

1. Riptide 2. Blast 3. Sweet Water 4. Low Rider 5. Walkin' the Nose 6. Drive 7. Rosa Negra 8. Linus and Lucy 9. Surfdoggin' 10. Pipe 11. Shake 'N' Stomp (Pt. 2) - Dick Dale 12. Theme From the Endless Summer 13. Escape 14. Deep




Friday, February 8, 2008

Rock Don't Run Vol. 3 and 1

Big Thanks to my good friend Brandonio, he heard my plea for these two volumes of this great modern surf series and served them right up for all of us to chow down on.
Apologies on low rate on #3, he got it from someone else.

Eddie Angel (The Planet Rockers, Los Straitjackets, The Neanderthals) runs his own label, Spinout Records, and among their output are some of the coolest comps you'll find anywhere. These tend to feature songs available elsewhere, but that doesn't take away from the good taste he shows when putting them together. Most of the groups are well-known modern practitioners and a few, such as Laika and the Cosmonauts and Los Straightjackets have a sizeable cult following. The songs are excellent for the most part, and there is enough stylistic variation to avoid that sameness quality of all the bands performing the same genre. Surf bands are so versatile that they can all play the same song and it will stay exciting. If you like the Ventures, Duane Eddy, etc. but haven't listened to some of their modern disciples, then give this a try. You won't be disappointed. Nice collection. Way recommended.

Vol 1
1. Whatcha Say? - The Kaisers 2. Bikini Sunset - The Volcanos
3. Half Moon Bay - The Volcanos 4. University Blvd. - Lost Straitjackets
5. Morpheus - The Surf Kings 6. The Tower - The Surf Kings
7. Mr. Pan Ventures Out - The Panasonics 8. Bustin Suds - Thee Phantom 5ive
9. Hey - Thee Phantom 5ive 10. Floating - Laika and The Cosmonauts
11. Cerveza On Dee Mesa - The Fathoms 12. Rockabilly Surfer - The Fathoms
13. Topless Beach - Eddie Angel 14. The Maltese Martian - Dragula
15. Bruce Lee's Last Ride - Dragula 16. The Natives Are Restless - The Halibuts
17. Cool Hand Luke - The Astro Naughts 18. Surfin' Boar - The Astro Naughts


Vol 3

1. Overboard The Fathoms 2. Psychotronic The Insect Surfers
3. Island Uprising The Tiki Tones 4. Nitrous Peroxide Sir Bald Diddley & His Wig-Outs 5. Sack O' Woe The Omega Men 6. Shalako The Bent Scepters 7. Thunder Over Rincon 8. Solaris Stomp The Space Cossacks 9. F.U.J.I.M.O. The Untamed Youth 10. Lunar Luau The Huntington Cads 11. Lou Siffer Rocky Velvet 12. More Booze, Less Ice The Boss Martians
13. Betrayal The Ripsnorts 14. Devil's Punchbowl Satan's Pilgrims 15. Branded Los Straitjackets 16. Thar She Blows The Halibuts


The Weisstronauts -- Perky

The Weisstronauts always create original and adventurous music outside the normal bounds. This is another step in that journey. It's a very cool release. If you're looking for surf, this isn't it, but as rock instros go, Featuring Perky is a fine release. Phil Dirt

The Weisstronauts are masters of the space, twang, surf rock underground. Think of the Ventures playing acid rock versions of the incidental music from the Beverly Hillbillies.
Everything is upbeat in a slightly campy way and played full on as if they've assembled a lot of goofy musical cliches that they are committed to taking seriously. Fun stuff.

1. Thrifty 2. Berlining 3. Creosote 4. Fibonacci 5. I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself 6. Perky 7. Uncle Turtle / Johnny Drama 8. Serpentini
9. Jade Cow 2005 10. The Golden Egg 11. Odysseus Goes To America
12. Outskirts 13. Fajity 14. Pete’s Bucket 15. I’m Back / Ain’t No Go
16. Thrifty 2 17. Frozen Pipe Boogie 18. [untitled]




The Weisstronauts -- Spritely

Spritely...what a appropriate title. This album is truly "Spritely," in its spunk rock style. It combines a delightful medley of old style country twang with a serious punch of rock. If you like your music upbeat and instrumental, give this a try. There's a ton of crisp, melodic guitar work that just screams wide-body electric. Although clearly of one mind, the record has really nice variety that cuts across a bunch of instrumental styles. Some southwestern, others 60's lounge, and all sounding great. The tunes share an optimism at music and the world in general that I wish we could hear more of these days. Nary a suicide bomber in sight for any of it. You can picture the players smiling the entire time this was being cut. Lots of good, clean all-American energy here. If you like the Friends of Dean Martinez (see archives) but wish they would cheer up once in a while, this is the band for you.

Classy 2. Fruity 3. Dr. Sanchez (I Presume) 4. Tawdry 5. Leafy 6. Spritely 7. Theme from Jack Coke 8. Cha Cha Ho 9. Cranky 10. Hot Dog City 11. Sketches of Andy Pastore 12. Sunsetty 13. Jazzy 14. Space Jaunty 15. Keep Goin'

The Weisstrounauts -- Jaunty

I actually laughed out loud as I listened to this CD the first time. It's downright entertainment! A tremendous array of types of guitars, guitar styles, and musical styles. All instrumental with a few words tossed in here and there. 'Morning Ma' made me feel like an eight year old kid hitting the screen door after breakfast into a sunny day to play outside (schmaltzy, I know, but try it!).

Mornin’ Ma 2. Jaunty 3. Movin’ Ball 4. The Nashville Variations 5. Twistin’ in the Living Room 6. Psychedelic Whiplash7. Route 40 7. Go Down, Moses 8. Topaz 9. Finger Boogie 10. You’re In Control 11. Crustacean Vacation 12. Saddle Up (Weisstronauts’ theme) 13. Thus Spake Zarathustra (main theme from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey)



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Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - The Living Eye

There's just something about the band name the Men from S.P.E.C.T.R.E. that puts listeners in mind of a fantasy collaboration between the Television Personalities circa Mummy Your Not Watching Me and Thee Milkshakes at the height of their garage-stomp powers. The exceedingly mod-trippy cover art only adds to the high expectations. It's a bit disappointing to report that in fact The Living Eye is nothing of the sort; on the other hand, what it is is in fact pretty cool. This German instrumental combo is all about the organ (note the title of their record label), and The Living Eye contains 11 tracks of funky Hammond organ rock with some soul-jazz and lite-psych tendencies. Rather than trying to recreate the 60's mod sound, the men are incorporating a more modern vision while staying true to the roots of the movement they further. Their songs are layered with multiple levels of sound, impeccable timing with sound effects that work with the music and don't stand out as cheap sonics, and the rhythms are both groovy and psychedelic at the same time. Plenty of mojo to go around. This album has good flow while each song is very polished and fluid in it's own right. No dead spots. Focus rotates around the band on most tracks and any of them could step into the soundtrack of a movie as there's lots of motion implied by the sound. Bonus points for song titles like "Purple Pill People" and "Electric Tiger Snake." Way groovy. Get shakin’.

1 Black Tank 2 The Luck of Teela Brown 3 Purple Pill People 4 The Living Eye 5 Apartment 23 6 Wild Driver 7 Mercury Wall 8 Electric Tiger Snake 9 The Robbery 10 White Russian 11 Astralkörper



Organ-Ized - A Tribute to The Hammond B3

High Street/Windham Hill's Organ-Ized is nothing less than a salute to the classic Hammond B3 organ by some of the preeminent mainstream practitioners of the instrument in the late '90s. If you love the Hammond B3, you'll love this collection. A great sampling of various styles, each with it's own "twist". While this might not showcase the idiosyncrasies of the instrument, that's fine, because this delivers exactly what most Hammond diehards want — funky grooves and licks from the likes of Joey DeFrancesco, John Medeski, Art Neville, Michael Omartian, Jimmy Smith, Reuben Wilson, and Mike Weaver, among others. Some cuts cook more than others, but there are no duff tracks here — only Jack McDuff. For organ-heads looking for a little more of what they love, this is a good sampler to sample.

1. Ashley Blue - Joey DeFrancesco 2. Swamp Road - John Medeski
3. Micky Fick - Art Neville 4. Say Something - Michael Omartian
5. My Little Humidor - Galactic 6. There Will Never Be Another You - Jimmy Smith
7. Just A Little Bit - Mike Finnegan 8. Drop Shot - Ricky Peterson
9. I've Got To Find My Baby - Tommy Eyre 10. Moodbird - Larry Goldings
11. Yes Sir - Reuben Wilson 12. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy - Mick Weaver
13. Misty - Jack McDuff



Rock Don't Run - Volume 2

Eddie Angel (The Planet Rockers, Los Straitjackets, The Neanderthals) runs his own label, Spinout Records, and among their output are some of the coolest comps you'll find anywhere. These tend to feature songs available elsewhere, but that doesn't take away from the good taste he shows when putting them together. Most of the groups are well-known modern surf/instro practitioners and a few, such as Laika and the Cosmonauts and Los Straightjackets have a sizeable cult following. The songs are excellent for the most part, and there is enough stylistic variation to avoid that sameness quality of all the bands performing the same genre. Surf bands are so versatile that they can all play the same song and it will stay exciting. If you like the Ventures, Duane Eddy, etc. but haven't listened to some of their modern disciples, then give this a try. You won't be disappointed. Nice collection. Way recommended. This is the only volume of the 3 I have. If anyone has the other 2, let me know. I’d like to do the whole set. Thanks.

1 Kawanga! Los Straitjackets 2 Sandoway Exotics 3 Gasser Exotics 4 Valley of the Kaisers Kaisers 5 Mondo Bondo Four Piece Suit 6 A Shot in the Dark Four Piece Suit
7 Hammerhead Halibuts 8 Under the Gun Mulchmen 9 Big Nasty Mulchmen
10 Pacifica Los Straightjackets 11 2000 LB. Werewolf Neanderthals
12 Fade Away Laika, Cosmonauts 13 Night of the Drunken Cheerleaders Penetrators
14 Melodie's Dilemma Penetrators 15 Summertime Summertime 16 Pan's Rock Panasonics 17 Rik-A-Tik Simon And The Bar Sinisters 18 Mongoose Boulevard Vibro Champs


Tube - Atlantic Surf Essentials

Who'd a thunk it? A smattering of surf from the vaults of mega label Atlantic - not exactly known for it entry in the genre. Of course, the irony of it is NONE of these groups recorded anything beyond these singles/demos on Atlantic.
ranges from regular basics genre to excellent spy surf.
Highlights are the two cuts from the outstanding Fathoms and the Ray Corvair Trio (see archives).
Good to add to any surf collection.

1.Tube, The 2. Monkey Island - The Derangers 3. Impaler - The Derangers 4. Let Loose The Kraken - The Bald Guys 5. Fish Taco - Surficide 6. Severe Beach - Surficide 7. Missile, The - Tidal Wave 8. Incognito - The Fathoms 9. Cervesa On The Mesa - The Fathoms 10. Tut's Tomb - The Fliptones 11. Spy Who Couldn't Get Any Action - The Ray Corvair Trio 12. Theme From Ray - The Ray Corvair Trio 13. Revenge Of The Mole-Man - Speed Devils


The Atlantics - Best of Vol 1

One of the greatest instrumental surf groups did not even hail from America. The Atlantics, despite their name, were an Australian combo who not only emulated the sound of California surf music, but ranked among its very best practitioners. Featuring a reverb-heavy, extremely "wet" sound, the Atlantics attacked original material, standards, and movie themes with a nervy blend of precision and over-the-top intensity. As in Dick Dale's music, touches of Middle Eastern influences can be detected in the rhythms of melodies (some members of the group claimed Greek and Egyptian heritage). Their second single, "Bombora," went to the top of the Australian charts in 1963, and the follow-up, "The Crusher," was also a big hit. But Beatlemania spelled commercial death for the Atlantics, as it did for U.S. surf combos, in 1964 and 1965. After several albums and a few more equally fine instrumental singles, the Atlantics became a vocal group in the last half of the '60s, but are most renowned for their instrumental recordings. Richie Unterberger All Music .com

1 Boys (Unreleased) 2 Moon Man 3 Dark Eyes 4 Bombora 5 Greensleeves 6 Adventures in Paradise 7 Gremlin King 8 Glassy Walls 9 Turista 10 Surfers Paradise
11 Blue Bottles 12 World Is Waiting for the Sunrise 13 Free Fall 14 Crusher 15 Hootenanny Stomp 16 Coral Island 17 Tequilla Stomp 18 Tahitian Waters 19 Teddy Bears Picnic Stomp 20 Gremlin from the Kremlin 21 Shark Attack 22 SOS (Stomp on Stomp)
23 Stompede 24 Arabian Surf 25 Stomping Time



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