Saturday, November 3, 2007

Highly Strung - British 60's Instrumentals

Highly strung – British 60’s Instrumentals
A nice roundup of rock instrumentals from 1961 to 1966 - no hidden gems though and certainly none of the classic rock or surf guitar tracks. This one is for fans of instrumental beat, heavy emphasis on melody rather than blistering performance. These are more in the loungy side of rock, somewhat poppy confections that make good change of pace sounds and add that 60’s distinction to parties. Lots of farfasia organ and sax. The bands names scream from the early 1960's: The Checkmates, Sons of the Piltdown Men or Mike Ford and the Consuls. There is one rare track from the Dave Clark Five – the most recognizable group on the comp. All the tracks are fun, the musicianship is professional all the way around and the sound quality is surprisingly good.

1. Cleopatra's Needle 2. Red Dragon - Blackjack 3. Ghoul Friend - The Ravens 4. Jump Jeremiah 5. Ten Swinging Bottles 6. Pampei - The Checkmates 7. Husky - Jimmy Nicol 8. Packabeat - Packabeats 9. First Love 10. Man in Space - The Vigilantes 11. Organizer - Harold Smart 12. Mad Goose 13. Eliminators - The Eliminators 14. Switch - Joe Brown 15. Neb's Tune 16. Traitors - Packabeats 17. Caroline - Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers 18. Husky Team - The Saints 19. Dream Lover - Packabeats 20. Highly Strung 21. Pigtails - The Saints 22. Evening in Paris - Packabeats 23. Thunderbirds Theme - The Eliminators




feint operation said...

Hello- This is an outstanding blog, cheers for all of your hard work !
Was there ever a second volume of this ?
Cheers, F.O.

Ian said...

Thanks so much for posting this!

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