Sunday, November 25, 2007

R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Chasin' Rainbows

I've been a fan of R. Crumb ever since the underground comics heyday of the late 60s. Knowledgeable fans of Crumb's comics know also that he is very much into Delta blues and other uniquely American forms of music. I bought this record on the strength of "Fine Artiste Blues" back when it first came out. I'd always enjoyed R. Crumb's art work and I knew this collection would be something different. It's a grab bag of styles all played with old-timey string band instrumentation. There are really no clinkers here, plenty of Hawaiian guitar and some GREAT musical saw. Alabama Jubilee is a great song and the performance first-rate. Diane is evocative of a German country tune. Fine Artiste Blues is a great crack at, what else, "artistes". I don't know where Crumb and Co. dug these up as I'd only heard a couple before, but if you like well done songs, you are sure to enjoy such ditties as Hula Medley, Mysterious Mose, She Lived Down By the Firehouse, and Make My Cot Where the Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows along with the others. The overall feel of the album is lighthearted and casual, and the level of musicianship is absolutely first rate. Can't think of another group that comes close to the Suits' sound so you'll just have to hear them for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

I go back to this recording many times every year and it always brings a smile. There are loads of laughs and some good music to boot. Listen to it in the spirit in which it was made. I give this five stars for its pure entertainment value because some of the songs will stick in your head for a very long time. Everytime you listen to this you will feel your troubles melt away -- even for only a short time.

1. Alabama Jubilee
2. Chasin' Rainbows
3. Fine Artiste Blues
4. Hula Medley
5. I Want A Little Girl
6. Persian Rug
7. Mysterious Mose
8. Crying My Blues Away
9. She Lived Down By The Firehouse
10. Diane
11. Make My Cot Where The Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows
12. Moana March



glauberovsky said...

wow, great!!!! thanx for this...

GLAUBER [brazil]

Guesst said...

The CD doesn't credit a writer of Hula Medley (which sounds like a single song and not a medley). I wonder if R Crumb wrote it himself. I'm trying to find ukulele chords for it and lyrics as well. Did you know the Crumb video is one of the most popular documentaries every filmed? Luther

Ukulare said...

The Hula Medley is a couple verses of "On The Beach At Waikîkî" (G.H. Stover and Henry Kailimai) and the chorus of "My Own Iona" (L. Wolfe Gilbert). Power to the Uke!

the doc said...

any chance you can re-up this and the other old r crumb. the links don't seem to work?

the doc

Seb Palmer said...

Hi, can you re-up these RC & TCSS discs? The mass-mirror links don't seem to work, thanks, FG

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