Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day -- Pool Party

This is the second CD of the three disc set (Beach Party, Pool Party and Jungle Jive). This Cd has more instrumentals than the other two CDs(about two thirds of the CD is instramental). A reasonably good collection of rare tracks from 1963-1965 all from the Del-Fi record company. If you are a fan of The Ventures or any cool retro lounge music, this Cd is worth owning. Best tracks-Watusi Bongos, Wild Twist, Here Comes Ringo (a great Beatles "tribute" or parody-I don't know which), Come On Let's Go, Mack the Knife (instrumental), and Swim Beat. No big names are here, unless you count Preston Epps and future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston, who weighs in with the dispensable dance novelty "Soupy Shuffle Stomp." Bill Lewis' "High Dive" sounds a lot like Sandy Nelson, Lewis' "Swim Beat" sounds like the band that backed Ritchie Valens on "La Bamba" playing an instrumental cover of the Everly Brothers' arrangement of "Lucille." As a trivial note, future Walker Brothers, Scott Walker and John Maus play on the Moongooners' "Willie & the Hand Jive."

Watusi Bongos - Preston Epps
2. High Dive - Bill Lewis
3. Wild Twist - Rollercoasters
4. Soupy Shuffle Stomp - Bruce Johnston
5. La Bamba - Bob Keene Orchestra
6. The Goose (Part 1) - Don Markham & The Marksmen
7. Here Comes Ringo - The Tributes
8. Come On, Let's Go - The Enchanters
9. Willie & The Hand Jive - The Moongooners
10. Moon Shot (A/K/A Soupy Shuffle Stomp, Pt. 2) - Bruce Johnston
11. Phone Call - Mystery Artist
12. Mack The Knife - Bob Keene Orchestra
13. Jimmy's Party - Jack Herbst
14. Hard Way Four - Little Joe Washington
15. Swim Beat - Bill Lewis



Al said...

Unfortunately, dead link :-(

Nowhere can I find this track by Bob Keene

Felipe Zahtariam said...


I was trying to complete the Del Fi "Party" series, but Pool Party and Beach Party pages contain only dead links. Could you re-upload, please?


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