Friday, September 14, 2007

Fuzz Busters - spy surf part 2

More spy music - this time moving towards the cinematic style of surf with lots of hard beats and organs. Kind of like a soundtrack to a funky imaginary movie, with more varied styles than Spies Who Surf. From the producer of The Spies Who Surf, The Insiders, Material Issue, and Ministry, Retro-Sonic Music for the Moderns was recorded at Jay O’Rourke's home ADT project studio, on a houseboat in Starved Rock, at Acme studios with Mike Zalenko (Material Issue) sitting in on drums, and "live" at the Boulevard Cafe in Chicago. Good stuff.

1. Operation Scorch 2. Beatbox Bassa Nova 3. Funny Farm 4. Bunny Lounge 5. Wild Trip 6. Mercy Mercy Mercy 7. To Sir With Love 8. Fuzzy & Wild 9. Cherry 10. Menthol 11. Greased Lightning 12. Mr. Twig n' Berries 13. Let's Do It Again



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1Surfrider said...

Love the spy stuff!


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