Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Surfabilly Anyone?

Rick Lawndale Band - Surfabilly Rock

The music of the Rick Lawndale Band is a unique hybrid of 50's & 60's styles, including surf, rockabilly, blues, jazz, and psychedelic rock. Group founder and chief composer Rick Lawndale pens clever ditties with a campy sense of musical fun and satirical lyrics. Beginning his career as a solo acoustic performer, Rick went on to form instrumental surf psychedelic unit Lawndale, releasing 2 Lp’s on SST, which you can get at Eek’s and RYP’s at Twilightzone. This is his third and last effort under his own name. A combination of whacky vocals and soild surf instrumentals, fun if nothing else.

Lead guitarist Ricky Sepulveda has collaborated with artist Ray Pettibone in the "Ray Pettibone Super Sessions", and has performed with experimental combo Nervous Gender. Bassist Marcel Loera has performed widely in L.A.'s rock scene. Drummer Dave Rodriguez was a member of influential 80's surf group The Surf Raiders.

1. Riot At the Beach 2. Surf Instrumental 3. Ricki Lake 4. Around the World 5. Road Rage 6. Mobster 7. Nasty Habits 8. My Other Car 9. Rock Until I Die 10. Shoshone 11. Truck Drivin' Man 12. Tijuana O


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