Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hawiian Blues Surf

This is Danny Morris' debut CD. Prior to this, he was the guitarist in D.C.'s popular night club band the NightHawks, replacing Jimmy Thackery. Even tough he has a strong blues background, the Hawaiian shirt and Tiki girl decal on his red strat, hints that this is not your traditional blues CD.

He begins with a Freddie King number "Head's Up" from King's 1961 release "Let's Hide Away and Dance Away". Morris introduces the classic number to some waves which make it barely recognizable. He then takes Ike Turner's "Do You Mean It" from Texas shuffle to surf twang in under 3 minutes. Chuck Berry's "Memphis" is relocated from Tennessee to the beaches of the West Coast mid-song. You can tell he's having fun surfin' up these classics. There are some very good bluesy numbers -- Morris originals "Misery Tears" and "I Won't Worry" and a few pure surf tunes such as Mancini's "Banzai Pipeline" and "Latinia".

Danny knows how to make a guitar sing. His guitar style, while unique, teases his audience with hints of Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Dick Dale. This is a breezy strut that works well on a sunny afternoon with the wind blowing in your hair.

1. Heads Up
2. Do You Mean It
3. Fireball
4. Misery Tears
5. Navajo Spaceship
6. Miss Ann
7. Experiment In Terror
8. I Won't Worry
9. Miserlou
10. Memphis
11. The Stalker
12. Real Cool Kitty
13. Latina
14. Pills (Rock & Roll Nurse)
15. Banzai Pipeline




Frisian said...

thanks for this one GeorgeW. great album


DaBoss said...

You are welcome Frisian. You alwys have grat goodies at your place -- it will be hard to keep up.

1Surfrider said...

Danny plays down here, at the beach in Maryland and always draws a crowd, he's great.

DaBoss said...

Hey 1surfrider:
Where in Maryland? Are you there? So am I. What beach?

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