Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Monsters Are Coming .. Horror Hop

Horror Hop

These songs kick `Monster Mash' in the teeth! Here are 31 original tracks of monster songs that are pure 50's rock n roll. The cover is a colorful painting of the monster from "Curse of the Demon" 1957 (originally used for a Frank N. Stein & orchestra LP on Power Records 1964). This is a generous collection and it is a companion to the MONSTER BOP CD (also on the BUFFALO BOP label from Germany) which has 30 more vintage monster rock n roll recordings. Unbelievably great, 70 minutes of monster songs most of which were recorded before the Monster Mash. Standout cut –The Frantics Werewolf.

1.Tommy King / Bo Diddle in the Jungle 2.The Motiviations / The Birds 3.The Drivers / Dry Bones Twist 4.Big Bee Kornegay / At the House of Frankenstein 5.Kip Tyler / She's My Witch 6.Billy Sills / Night Mare 7.The Revels / Foo Man Choo 8.The Zoo / Mickey Lee Lane 9.Lee Ross / The Mummy's Bracelet 10.Lou Chaney / Monster Holiday 11.Evans Carroll / The Monster 12.Lord Luther / Teenage Creature 13.Ben Colder / Shudders and Screams 14.The Duponts / Screamin' Ball 15.The Savoys / The Mortal Monster Man 16.The Revels / Midnight Stroll 17.Tony's Monstrosities / Igor's Party 18.Jack Hammer / Black Widow Spider Woman 19.Dave Gardner / Mad Witch 20.John Sowell / Night Mares 21.Bobby Bare / Vampira 22.Smiley Smith / Voo Doo Woman 23.Tarantula Ghoul / Graveyard Rock 24.The Frantics / Werewolf 25.Billy Taylor / Wombie Zombie 26.Macey Ross / Big Chief Buffalo 27.Kip Taylor / Jungle Hop 28.Pasquale & the Lunar Tiks / Moon Madness 29.Gary Warren / Werewolf 30.Sonny Day / Creature from Outer Space 31.Phil Carter / Amazon


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