Monday, October 22, 2007

Gein and the GraveRobbers - The Passion of the Anti-Christ

Named for one of America's most notorious serial killers (his exploits helped inspire the movies Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Gein and the GraveRobbers generate a suitably brutal and unforgiving sonic assault, combining the skull-crushing power of Dick Dale, who met the Cramps, who met Iron Maiden who met Slayer and they all got drunk and partied together. This instro is CRUSHING – heavy beats, shredding guitar, monstro rhythms – this is the best surf metal you’ll hear. Perfect for Halloween. Beware, my lovelies. Don’t make me send out the flying monkeys!

1.Invocation 2.The Hungry Grave 3.The Phantom of Route 4.Black Sunday 5.Of Gods and Monsters 6.Brackish Soul 7.Nine Day Fall 8.The Creeping Unknown 9.House of Skulls 10.Unhallowed 11.Severed 12.Gemini 13.Into the Abby of Thelema



zillagord said...

Tanks for dis!! Okay, I'll stop talking like you...
Thanks for this. I listened to these guys before, and they didn't really strike a nerve. I gave 'em another shot, tho, and really enjoyed it. I wondered "What was I thinking?" Perhaps it was because of the name-- it's a bit gimmicky. Probably, I in a foul mood on that day, cuz this rips!
A great post for the upcoming pagan holiday.
Thanks again,

DaBoss said...

Glad you liked it. These guys have improved with age, they finally found saomething they can latch on to. The name is a bit hokey, but, with any group, close your eyes and listen to the music and decide what works for you. There have been a couple of really neat psycoachoustic stiudies that reveal that peole perceive music in two different ways, in colors or by "feeling" sensations. I'm a feeling kind of guy -- I use the "goosebump" test. Does something I'm listining to make the hairs on my arms or legs stand up. Is there a tingling down my spine? What about the cutting/shredding sensation with a really good E string guitar solo?
Mood makes a difference. Next time you are lisening to something check out how you perceive it -- it might make a difference in other things you hear.

I wasn't all that impressed with these guys earlier recordings either -- this one I like because it remains fluid throughout -- they got that heavy metal feel and kept it.

I'll be posting some real killers in instro rock after Halloween, when you hear Michael Schenkar's instros you will find out where these guys gopt their inspirations.

Thanks for visiting and commenting -- we like to klnow how our patrons view our posts. You have been killer at RYP's, glad you are stopping by.

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