Saturday, October 6, 2007

Treat for Brandonio - 4 Piece Suit

Four Piece Suit --- Matinee Idylls

It's a rockin' eclectic set of instrumentals (Well, okay, there is one vocal,) that's at home in a smoky lounge with over-dressed patrons and over-dressed martinis. It just as much at home with half the room rocking while watching the other half swing. The Boston Globe (1/21/99) said, "No Label for these Suits! Four Piece Suit does a swinging instrumental hybrid of surf. lounge, rock and jazz. The sound is suave and playful with non-stop banter between Dave Sholl's sax and the three remaining pieces: Milt Reder's guitar, Dean Cassell's bass, and Lorne Entriss's drums.

Four Piece Suit in the flesh--er, suits--whips up a nice camp-infected rumpus, and on disc it doesn't disappoint. "Matinee Idyls" is mostly composed of originals, mingled with covers such as a surfy take on Patti Page's 'Old Cape Cod' and 'It came from Ipanema,' a woozy relation to the Ipanema song." Some of their pieces harken back to the "Beach Blanket Bingo" style of lounge act and others are reminicient of the 1940s crime dramas. All around fun. Highly recommended

1.Dave's Happy Place 2.Bombasteroid 3.Go Ahead and Burn 4.Sloppy Shopping 5.Sneaky 6.El Niño 7.Yeah Yeah 8.Romeoville 9.Elevator Shaft 10.Cara 11.Medley: Granada - Blue Pavillion 12.Blow-Air-O 13.Regrettable 14.Bender 15.Roxotica 16.Old Cape Cod 17.It Came from Ipanema




Brandonio! said...

Da boss, Thanks ever so much my friend. You have delivered once again. I'm going to pour me a glass of ice tea, sit back hit the play button and enjoy this feast of music you bestowde upon me.I think were going make some unfamiliar people of this band instant fans. I think i should remind some people that you have posted Four Piece Siut's first album"Ready To Wear"over @EektheCat's place over a month ago. If you like these 2 disc's do you yourself a favor get this one too. Again thanks for this execellent post.

DaBoss said...

You are welcome. This is a band that should get more exposure. They know their stuff and they make fun, exciting and engaging music. I reposted Ready To Where to make it easier for people to get to. Thanks to you -- folks can get the whole set. Will be posting another group -- The Weisstronauts -- who are similar in method, and their style is more CW twang. You will enjoy them too.

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