Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fullblown - Agents of Entropy

Fullblown emerge briefly from the gutters of Omaha with a fiery release, in what is apparently their swan song, so that they may pursue other endeavors. Unfortunately, this is the way things work sometimes, however, they leave us this gem that combines all the sci-fi, juvenile delinquent, surf rock-a-billy you ever greased your hair to. We tip a Bud in toast to this most excellent send off in Fullblown's final quarter mile.

Ghoul's the Rule 2. Down With Slavery 3. Doctor's Daughter 4. Could be Disaster 5. Hail Damage 6. Scene One 7. Negative Nine 8. Venganza Insaciable 9. Death by Sodomy 10. Soul Prison 11. Nubian Lust 12. The Perfect Setting


Brandonio! said...
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Brandonio! said...

I really dig this bands instros. The vocal songs on the other hand i can live without. pretty cool over all though.

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