Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuxedo Moon -- Desire

The Residents liked these guys enough to sign them to their label, which says something about how truly spectacular this fringe music sounds. Tuxedomoon combine bread-and-butter pop instruments with a perverse yet perfect blend of violin, saxophone, theremin, clarinet, drum machine, farfisa organ and synthesizers. The lyrics, delivered in a creepy, theatrical tenor-baritone, range from abstract and subtly humorous to downright wacky.
Tuxedomoon are all about texture, humor, existentialism and invention. While slicker than their debut Half-Mute, Desire delves even more deeply into texture and sheer coolness. There are few songs in the annals of modern music to rival the coolness of "In The Name of Talent" or "Desire", nevermind the mind-melting hilarity of "Holiday For Plywood". For anybody with a penchant for the unusual and brilliant, there is nothing like Desire anywhere, and I don't hesitate to recommend it to the musically adventurous. Stands up more than twenty five years after its release, and it always will.

1 East/Jinx/.../Music #1 2 Victims of the Dance 3 Incubus (Blue Suit) 4 Desire 5 Again
6 In the Name of Talent (Italian Western Two) 7 Holiday for Plywood
8 New Machine 9 Litebulb Overkill 10 Nite and Day (Hommage à Cole Porter) 11 No Tears




Max said...

Coooool....:) Flying Lizards AND Tuxedomoon - what a fantastic double feature. Both records are sleeping in my parents' basement and I've often wished I could listen to them, again, since I moved to South-East Asia ten years ago.
So, thanks a lot for bringing them back on mp3!

surfdwarf said...

hm... have to listen to desire from tuxedomoon a great band from the time i spread my my music listening.....

have you heard the 'holy wars' album? love it

the dwarf

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