Sunday, May 11, 2008

Combustible Edison - The Impossible World

From the droning opening of "Utopia," Combustible Edison's "The Impossible World" announces itself as lounge music for the jetset. "20th Century" could be a soundtrack for a montage sequence from a 60s sitcom like "Bewitched" with its bright perky off-center instrumental with xylophone & loopy keyboards. Miss Lily Banquette croons like a Secret Agent theme for depressives on "Pink Victim." "Hot & Bothered" is delightfully horny beach music complete with squeals and sighs. The wispy "Seduction" comes across like a romance between ghosts. "The Garden of Earthly Delights" sounds like a gondola cruise in Venice with its airy female vocals. Listening to this album from start to finish is truly an adventure. It feels like Stereolab having cocktails with the Jetsons and is tremendously original and a lot of fun! Enjoy!

1. Utopia (Album) 2. Call Of The Space Siren (Album) 3. Laura's Aura (Album) 6:29
4. 20th Century (Album)3:17 5. Cat O'nine Tails (Album)2:59 6. Pink Victim (Album) 4:12 7. Dior (Album) 2:47 8. Hot And Bothered (Album) 3:17
9. Mr. Pushkin Came To Shore (Album) 4:39 10. Seduction (Album) 3:30
11. Tickled To Death (Album) 3:34 12. In The Garden Of Earthly Delights (Album) 3:19 13. Utopia (Scanner's Reprise) (Album)




Mr. Trashe said...

Thanks I love Combustible Edison

Brandonio! said...

I so love this band and used to play this alot dispite the fact my friends never really got into this kinda thing.This makes for good late night drinking fun.The ladies always loosen up when I play this band too.

Stereolove said...

I love this record.The Scanner production is just awesome.

You said...

Fantastic! Thank you!

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