Friday, May 16, 2008

Big Waves - Starter Surf Colllection

Gremmies Only
I went shopping so you don’t have to. Every now and then a gem shows up in strange places. This was at Starby’s over the summer and is a decent introductory collection to begin your journey into the wonderful world of surf and instro music. Compiled by he same folks who did the killer Kowabunga Surf Box and other supreme surf and instro colls, it has some of the basic classic hits and a nod to the 90’s surf revival, starting at track 13, even a cut by the hard to find Vanduras and fan faves Blue Hawaiians. Not a bad cut here, good to add as a starter, especially at this price.

For those of you who want to compile your own 50 – 100 greatest surf hits of the classic era – get this and then -- hit this link

and get all 6 of the Hang Ten Gremmie posts. They are posted in order of hit importance/popularity. Put them all in a folder, open up and delete the duplicates – and BINGO! You have a playlist that will last for hours and some serious car tunes for your travels.

PS – read the comment by Paul of the Hustlers in the More Surf Legends and Rumors post for some excellent history of the times.

1. The Beach Boys - Surfin Safari 2. Dick Dale and His Del-Tones - Miserlou 3. Duane Eddy - Rebel Rouser 4. Jorgen Ingmann - Apache 5. The Sandals - Theme From "Endless Summer" 6. The Marketts - Out of Limits 7. The Ventures - Walk Don't Run 8. Jack Nitzsche - The Lonely Surfer 9. The Chantays - Pipeline 10. The Bel-Airs - Mr. Moto 11. The Lively Ones - Surf Rider 12. The Astronauts - Baja 13. The Aqua Velvets - Guitar Noir 14. Pollo Del Mar - A Flash of Green 15. The Vanduras - La PLanche 16. Laika & the Cosmonauts - N.Y. '79 17. The Mermen - Unto The Resplendent 18. The Blue Hawaiians - Martini Five-0



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