Friday, May 30, 2008

The Supertones - Original Music

Now this is what Surf music is all about! The Supertones get a seriously cool tone from those guitars and lots of cool reverb. I wish I could see these guys perform as I'm sure they must be one hot band live. My favorites: Side Slippin (just close your eyes and dream about lying on the beach after a nice morning ride), The Sweet Ride (classic Dick Dale-type surf guitar - hey where's Gidget?), Moonshot Part 2 (a modern classic in the vein of Telstar - it's a shame that radio sucks so much they won't play cool stuff like this!), Media Noche (muy bueno amigo, si!) and the partyingest tune of all - "Surf Fever 2000" (makes me want to have a beach party with all my friends).

1. Pugsakuk 2. 1,000 Ft Rd 3. Wingnut 4. Victory At Sea 5. I Surf in Black 6. El Rollo
7. Ted's Twist 8. Torque Wrench 9. Sand Pumper 10. Wingnut '94 11. Supertone Surf
12. 1,000 Ft Rd '94 13. The Wet Set 14. Surfista 15. Dr. Yes 16. Harbor Patrol
17. Avanti 18. Flamenco Surf 19. Last Ride 20. Surf Fever 2000 21. Playa Del Rey
22. Moonshot Part 1 23. Side Slippin' 24. The Sweet Ride 25. Media Noche
26. Lone Rider 27. King Size 28. Moonshot Part 2 29. Shanghai Surf 30. Vintage Surf 31. Twango



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paul said...

Thank you very much. Nice sounds.
Keep up the good work

Cheers Paul

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