Monday, May 5, 2008

The Romans - You Only Live Once

The Romans were one of Los Angeles' first super-groups with members of the budding art/punk scene sweeping Southern California in the early 80's. With members from Human Hands, Monitor, BPeople, Deadbeats, 45 Grave, Consumers, Tikis, the LAFMS and Green On Red, The Romans added a unique voice to the "LA Punk" movement. While the explosive chemistry of The Romans was short lived, with only 2 full-length LPs ever recorded, band members went on to make rock history with Mazzy Star and Opal. On the debut release, The Romans were Mikey Borens, Pat Delaney, Juan Gomez, Keith Mitchell, and Michael Uhlenkott, and was engineered by the legendary Paul Cutler.
Digitally re-mastered from the original analog tapes under the supervision of founding member Juan Gomez, this is the first time The Romans debut 1983 LP, You Only Live Once has ever been available on CD. In addition to the entire first LP there's exclusive early demos, live tracks and ultra-rare soundtrack cuts from the 80's horror cult classic "The Hideous Sun Demon" starring Jay Leno, rounding out this 21 track CD. They artfully blended punk, noise, surf, country, psych, and rock to create really one of the most unique sounds of the early 80s.

1. Runway 2. Iron Cross 3. Tuned Out 4. Shorebreak 5. Birdbrain 6. Nazarene
7. Small World Romans 9. Blob! 10. Motu Tapu 11. Big Neck 12. What Gives?
13. You Only Live Once 14. Black Romans 15. It's A Lie Romans 16. Slave Romans
17. Birdbrain (demo version) 18. Beebs & Jeebs 19. Footsteps 20. Moonlight
21. Chasm




condenadas a la medianoche said...

is possible that you offer other link? because zshare is having very problems now.
i need this album, please.

i had downloaded part 2 (it`s ok).

all the best
alvaro, from chile

condenadas a la medianoche said...

hey man
the first part of the romans's album is break!!

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