Saturday, January 23, 2010

Alan Hawkshaw Mo'Hawk

Subtitled - The Essential Vibes & Grooves 1967-1975. The focus of this RPM/Cherry Red compilation is on the music that swings in the clubs, the hammond organ driven beat sounds such as 'Beat Boutique' & 'Action Man', & the best chill out apres-ski numbers such as the stand out classic 'Girl In A Sportscar'.

Alan Hawkshaw is one of those unheralded heroes of popular music history. He's had his hands in a lot of places without anyone knowing who he is. He played with Donovan during the Hurdy Gurdy Man's heyday, collaborated with Serge Gainsbourg on several of Serge's 70s albums, and he did soundtrack work on countless cool movies. This collection is an excellent selection of some of Hawkshaw's best soundtrack work. If you're into 60s/70s groovy soundtracks, this one will hit your sweet spot. Heavy B-3 dominates the sound, which also features some cool fuzz guitar work. If the Ventures had Jimmy Smith as their organist, and if that band performed soundtrack scores composed by Ennio Morricone that were to be used in European crime and softcore sex movies from the 60s and 70s, what would come out of all of that is similar to the effect of Hawkshaw's work.

The original Library albums & commercial releases now highly sought after & these are Club friendly grooves. It is the first time on disc for two-thirds of the collection. 20 tracks. 2003.

You want this.

1. Señor Thump - Alan Hawkshaw, The Mohawks 2. Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue - Alan Hawkshaw, The Mohawks 3. Move Move Move 4. Girl at the Top 5. Hastle 6. Millionairess 7. Beat Boutique 8. Piccadilly Night Ride 9. Dr Jekyll and Hyde Park - Alan Hawkshaw, The Mohawks 10. Sweet Motion - Alan Hawkshaw 11. Blue Note 12. Girl in a Sportscar 13. Dave Allen at Large 14. Raver
15. Drive On 16. Action Man 17. Rocky Mountain Roundabout - Alan Hawkshaw, The Mohawks
18. Powerboat 19. Rumplestilskin - Alan Hawkshaw 20. Hawkwind and Fire



bobbysu said...

thank you very much

HeySuchAndSuch said...

This is a fantastic comp...and AH doesn't get nearly the credit he deserves!

Thanks for putting it up there...

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