Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sky 2

Remastered reissue of the 1980 sophomore album from the session musician supergroup who were groundbreaking pioneers of classical/rock fusion. Sky 2 was a landmark album for the group and their most commercially successful, reaching number one in the album charts and selling more than a million copies. John Williams (acoustic guitars), Kevin Peek (electric guitars), Tristan Fry (drums), Francis Monkman (Keyboards), and Herbie Flowers (bass).
Contains many classics such as Toccata (originally written by J. S. Bach for organ), Gavotte And Variations (Originally written by Rameau, french composer), Andante (Written By Vivaldi), and Sky wrote the rest of the songs. If your tastes span the range between early Deep Purple and Baroque organ, give this one a listen, not as bombsatic as ELP.

1. Hotta 2. Dance of the Little Fairies 3. Sahara 4. Fifo/Adagio/Scherzo/Watching the Aeroplanes [Medley] 5. Tuba Smarties 6. Ballet Volta 7. Gavotte and Variations 8. Andante 9. Tristan's Magic Garden 10. Cielo 11. Vivaldi 12. Scipio (Parts I and II) 13. Toccata Listen 14. Vivaldi 15. Scipio 16. Part I and Part II Tocatta


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