Sunday, January 10, 2010

That's the Way I Feel Now: A Tribute to Thelonious Monk

A wide variety of artists from the rock and jazz worlds (Peter Frampton, Joe Jackson, Doctor John, Bobbie McFerrin, Mark Bingam...) got together to produce a wild, weird, and wonderful tribute to Monk. This album is for fans of jazz and jazz fusion who have open minds. You probably won't like everything on it. I don't, but I still like it alot because some songs are so great and interesting (Jackson's moody Round Midnight, Bingham's Brilliant Corners, and the swinging versions of Bye-Ya and In Walked Bud are among my favorites.) This album has commercial stars, but it was NOT made to sell and make money. It was made because these folks love music and love Monk. And it shows. This is the cd version of the 2 disc vinyl so those of you who had the original record will note there are about some cuts missing, this is what I got. If you vinyl guys have it/ please send the link along, and I'll post it too. The cut by John Zorn is killer and should not be missed. Great stuff nomatter what. One of the best tributes ever.

1. Thelonious - Bruce Fowler 2. Little Rootie Tootie - NRBQ 3. Reflections - Steve Kahn
4. Blue Monk - Dr. John 5. Ask Me Now - Steve Lacy 6. Brilliant Corners - Mark Bingham
7. Monk's Mood - Sharon Freeman 8. Pannonica - Barry Harris 9. Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are - Was (Not Was) 10. Four in One - Todd Rundgren 11. 'Round Midnight - Joe Jackson
12. Evidence - Elvin Jones, Steve Lacy 13. Work - Peter Frampton, Chris Spedding
14. Functional - Randy Weston 15. Misterioso - Carla Bley 16. Bemsha Swing - Gil Evans, Steve Lacy


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art58koen said...

Here you are!
Just open 'play this playlist', let it play the songs through your media player or whatever and do a 'save as' after each song.

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