Saturday, December 29, 2007

Boogaloo to Jack McDuff

Jack McDuff was closer to soul and funk than most of the jazz Hammond B-3 organ players who found wider audiences after the success of Jimmy Smith, and his death in 2001 was a tremendous loss. This amazingly neat little compilation from Scufflin' Records features several young organ jazz combos in a tribute to McDuff, and it's all a whole lot of fun. A slightly more modern take on some of his standards that soar above the basic beat sound. Highlights here include "A Real Gone Guy" by the Joe Krown Organ Trio, the zippy "The Natural Thing" by the Night Callers, "Briar Patch" by the Link Quartet, and the delightful "Butter (Fo Yo Popcorn)" by the New Mastersounds.
Highly recommended for the tasty new groove and a slice of the classics. Like ice cream and cake, it goes down sooooooo well. MMMMMMMMMM

1. Grease Monkey The Diplomats Of Solid Sound 2. Snap Back Jack Jeremy Baum
3. Can't Get Satisfied The Greyhounds 4. A Real Gone Guy Joe Krown Organ Trio
5. Cold Duck Time Drive-By Leslie Featuring Adam Klipple
6. You Sho' Walk Funky The Sol-Reys 7. The Natural Thing The Night Callers
8. Down Home Style The Yards 9. Briar Patch The Link Quartet
10. Butter (For Yo Popcorn) The New Mastersounds 11. Hunk O' Funk McLemore Ave





Tiki said...

Great blog! Thanks for the Brother Jack!

Unknown said...

any chance to re upload?

Goofy said...

Any chance for a re-up? The mirror site "" cannot be found. The same with the older Diplomats Of Solid Sound posts.
Thanks for a great blog!

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