Saturday, December 29, 2007

Have You Had Your Vitamin B-3 Today?

Hi All! Hope you had a fun X-mas and holiday season and are ready to wake up the New Year. I did and am. We're ending the year with another bootylicious B-3 jam to keep ya shakin' and bakin' for a day or so before we slap the New Year in with some in yer face noize. Brandonio and I have some new and some old, rare goodies kickin' in next week so enjoy da funk now.
From deep down in the Vaults, cool and bluesy organ featuring Rudy Van G. at the helm... some of the stuff is pretty rare... when the masters were more part of the band rather than solo acts.

The remedy in question is that staple of rare groove jazz: the Hammond B-3 organ. The funky swing that results when swallowed is heard across the nine soul-jazz delicacies on offer here. Mostly tapping the deep hard bop vaults of Blue Note and OJC, Label M. spotlights such heavy-hitting tandems of the trade — with the latter player at the keys — as Stanley Turrentine and Shirley Scott, Lou Donaldson and John Patton, Ike Quebec and Freddie Roach, and Grant Green and Jack McDuff. And, of course, the breakthrough artist himself, Jimmy Smith, is featured as well.

This will probably open you up to some sessions and artists you may have misssed along the way... While Lou Donaldson, Grant Green and Stanley Turrentine are even more popular now than they were back then, a few of the tenor legends who brought these greats to the spotlight like Gene Ammons and Willis Jackson don't seem to be getting the kudos they deserve, however, their stuff is readily available at Amazon, and once you start digging those cats, you'll find plenty of sessions with everyone from McDuff and beyond that you never even knew were out there ! Label 32 might have died, but under the leadership of Joel Dorn, it seems that Label M is going to liberate the vaults just as heavily !
A CLASSIC breakbeat fest with soul. Once you have feasted here get the new kidz on da block from below and savor the flavors of serious B-3 boogie.
1. You Talk That Talk - Gene Ammons 2. Trouble - Stanley Turrentine/Shirley Scott
3. The Mighty Burner - Charles Earland 4. This'll Get To Ya - Willis Jackson
5. Funky Mama - Lou Donaldson 6. Easy, Don't Hurt - Ike Quebec
7. Jumpin' The Blues - Jimmy Smith 8. Troubled Times - Willis Jackson
9. Blues in Maude's Flat - Grant Green


Eek The Cat said...

I used to roadie and run lights for a traveling rock band back in the mid '70's, and though I LOVE the sound of a B3 (there's NUTHIN' like it!), they're a REAL bear to lug around!!!!! Especially with the Leslie speaker cabinet! (Try haulin' a dead elephant up three flights of stairs, and you'll get some kind of idea ...)

Thanks for this great album!

Long Ashes to you and yours!


DaBoss said...

Hi Eek:
Happy New Year my good friend!!! Hope you will be stronger and healthier this year -- ready to rock with the kats again. I love B-3 and all different types of organs and synthesizers and keyboard instruments, anfd there are some real performers out there in all categories that thrill me.

Know what you mean about lugging one around -- some one donated one to my church about 5 years ago and it took 4 of us to get it out of the very small house it was in and manhandle it into the truck and to church. I is in the sanctuary right now and works fine -- when it gets played --well - even "Amazing Grace" gets funky.
Talk about goin' to church!! Now, If only I can convince the organist to play "In-A-Godda-Da-Vida" on it .......

Will post more variety like this in '08 ... if you want to send anything out contact me the other way and we'll serve'm somethin' good!

Glad to hear you up and around bud -- long ashes to you and yours!


Ant said...

Link now dead

ice blog

Ant said...

Any chance or re upload?

Seems rare


Traitor Vic said...

Like Ant sed (or attempted to, at least...): Any chance of a Reup on this bad boy?

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