Friday, October 30, 2009

It Came From the Beach: Surf, Drag & Rockin' Instros From Downey

Happy Halloween All:

A nice treat - a little bit for everybody. Starting with --

It Came From the Beach: Surf, Drag & Rockin' Instros From Downey

26 MONSTER rockin' instrumentals from the studio that created the Chantays' Pipeline and the Rumblers' Boss. This compilation ties together all the surf and rocking instrumentals recorded at the Downey Studios or for Downey Records in the early 60s. Most were released on small indie boutique labels, if not on the Downey imprint itself.

There are some previously unreleased items, and a few that were initially unearthed for a now-deleted, badly mastered and totally un-annotated Dunhill CD in the 80s.

Totally REMASTERED for the best twang this side of the tube. This is a must for surf and instrumental fans who like to have one studio, one label, one legend in one place. For everyone else, we've got alternate takes and unavailable masters, so there's no excuse for this not to be on your shelf.

1. Surf Rat - THE RUMBLERS 2. Bangalore - THE BLAZERS 3. Cecila Ann - THE SURFTONES
4. Twitchin' - THE PASTEL SIX 5. Downey Surf - THE NEVEGANS 6. Hanging One - THE RAMBLERS 7. Beaver Patrol - THE BLAZERS 8. Destruction - THE RUMBLERS 9. Kopout - THE HUSTLERS 10. One Armed Bandit - THE NEVEGANS 11. Mustang - SIR FROG & THE TOADS 12. Shore Break - THE BLAZERS 13. Wailin' Out - THE HUSTLERS 14. Mocolotion - THE RIVIAIRES 15. Riptide - THE CHEVELLS 16. Hi Octane - THE RUMBLERS 17. Wimo Stomp - THE PASTEL SIX 18. Take It Off - THE PASTEL SIX 19. Rendezvous Rods - THE PASTEL SIX 20. Let There Be Surf - THE CHEVELLS 21. Mozart Stomp - THE RAMBLERS 22. Inertia (alt take of Downey 118) - THE HUSTLERS 23. Church Key - THE REVELS 24. The Hustler - THE RUMBLERS 25. A Go Go - THE RUMBLERS 26. Oblique - THE RUMBLERS


P.S. - please continue to update the Ghost Riders comp on its page - will add the revised edition shortly. Thanks to all followers, readers and contributors for making the Lounge a fun place to hang.


Unknown said...

Am I the only one that noticed the typo on the album cover? "It Came The From Beach" is what it looks like to me...

DaBoss said...

Lungworms you are right - didn't notice it. Yet the actual disc is correct - must have been halloween gremlins.

Brandonio! said...

Mucho thanks Da Boss
I've been wanting this for some time now.Even though I have just about everything on here on other comps.Downey records was actually Morton Downey Jr label.Yes that Morton Downey! The one with the talk show back in the 80's.He recorded most of these bands in his garage.It's hard to believe but true.

DaBoss said...

Holy Cow Brandonio! You are always such an incredible source of information. That Morton Downey - wow - I remember his talk show - he was the prototype of the sleazy loudmouth aggressive host - which led to shows like Jerry Springer. Glad to have something you need for a change. It is good having stuff on one comp- makes life a little easier. Will you send me the Ronnie Dawson Ghostriders?

Brandonio! said...

Da Boss yeah I'm full of odd information that the average person couldn't give a shit about.As far the Ronnie Dawson track it will have to wait until Sunday night.I'm not going to be anywhere near my record collection until then.

hotrodmike said...

I'm late finding this one but I'm glad I did. Thanks a lot for this.

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