Friday, October 30, 2009

Tipsy - Buzz

Thanks to Mr. Fab for the tip --No single track on Buzz has that 'instant hit' sound like "Hey", or that intensely drunken and hypnotic vibraphone and sax sound like "Fur Teacup" on Uh Oh. Ok, so there's no single track that matches the ultra-hip sound of "Ugly Stadium" on Trip Tease (did you catch that track in the Sopranos soundtrack?).
But Buzz, Tipsy's third release, is not disappointing! I can play these tracks infinitely and it doesn't grow old. It's like a time-distortion field that I'm trapped in. A moebius strip of sound that is not just background music - but rather background manipulation. If Martin Denny and Esquivel had used Absinthe and Magick to compose their music it would have sounded like this.
"Midnight Party" and "Good Little Demon" have risen to the top of my favorites with their catchy rhythms.

If you are like me, and sorely miss Combustible Edison, pick up every Tipsy release you can get your hands on, before they can't be found anymore.

Tipsy is not just new and authentic lounge music played well, it's authentic lounge music that actually makes you drunk - just by listening to it...

1. Midnight Party 2. A Night On The Town 3. Lipstick Tree 4. Sweet Spot 5. Swingin' Spaceman 6. Chocolate Moon 7. Chop Socky 8. Electric Blue Eyelashes 9. Kitty's Daydream 10. Kadonka 11. Big Business 12. Good Little Demon 13. See The Beauty, Touch The Magic 14. Wet Rainbow 15. Hot Banana 16. Up 'Til Dawn


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Decibel said...

I found Tipsy on Spotify today! I realy love it! I want the cover for Buzz as a poster or on a t-shirt. Do you know if thats for sale some where?

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