Friday, October 30, 2009

RodrigoyGabriella 11:11

RodrigoyGabriella 11:11

Rodrigo y Gabriela reach new heights with 11:11. 11:11 is comprised of 11 acoustic guitar tracks authored by Rodrigo y Gabriela. Inspired by their influences, ranging from rock greats such as Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix or Pink Floyd, jazz masters such as Al Di Meola, or classic Spanish and Mexican artists such as Paco De Lucia and Jorge Reyes, the album combines Rodrigo's frantic yet astoundingly precise picking with Gabriela's incredible ability to simultaneously perform both percussion and secondary rhythms.

The rich sounds they create seem impossible to generate from two acoustic guitars; without seeing the accompanying DVD it would be easy to assume they have a third and possibly fourth member assisting. The rock influenced tracks draw clear inspiration from their respective artists: Santana's ranging melodies, Hendrix' wah-wah and vibe effects, and ending with an eerie and beautiful Pink Floyd sound. Anyone who is a fan of classical guitar/flamenco/rock/acoustic genre will absolutely love this album. What I like about it is that this is a sheer display of their talent- in stark contrast to the music that is coming out of major labels nowadays.

1. Hanuman 2. Buster Voodoo 3. Triveni 4. Logos 5. Santo Domingo 6. Master Maqui 7. Savitri 8. Hora Zero 9. Chac Mool 10. Atman 11. 11:11


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