Friday, November 7, 2008

Dave Thomas and Two Pale Boys - Surf's Up

Don't let the title fool ya. Not really surf - cool anyway. David Thomas' creative brainchild borders on the wonderfully weird; looping drum lines and beats over his disconnected and demonic vocals. Thomas sends effects swirling around the room, not sparing any vibrato, and makes eloquent use of the effects on Melodeon and Musette. Keith Moline's guitar lines are wonderfully interconnected with the cacophony, giving the listener an ominous feeling of impending doom. Not forgetting the horn player, Andy Diagram's trumpets provide an ambient tone reminding one of "Bitches Brew" by Miles Davis. So, if you like Pere Ubu, or have an open mind to music that is "outside the box", give this a listen; if not, then buy another Dave Matthews Band album and have fun humming along. To the fans, know that this doesn't break any new ground for this band, it refines it. It is what we have come to expect and love and I for one get hours of listening enjoyment from it. They sound closer to Tuxedo Moon than Ubu here, be prepared for some atmospherics and strangeness. The third cut is standout.

1. come home-green 2. ghosts 3. man in the dark 4. night driving 5. river 6. runaway
7. spider in my stew 8. surf's up



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