Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween - Brandonio's Fright Fest (the Original)

Fresh from the FCCL Vaults ---

Our buddy Brandonio of Rock is Dead R.I.P (see links) put this horriffic number together last year for our Halloween Special here at the Lounge, and I thought it would be a treat for those of you who missed it to get this year. Get his other 2 comps over at Rock is Dead R.I.P. and have yourself a frightfully fun Halloween season. This comp was even reviewd by none other than Phil Dirt HIMSELF!!! So you know it has mucho coolness. Get it now!!!

Likely just a web comp (bootleg, some tracks from vinyl sources with pops and clicks included), Brandonio's Fright Fest does slice through a broad spectrum of surf related material that's on the dark side. Three stars – Phil Dirt

Brandonio sez --
Hello boils and ghouls! It's that time of year again. Halloween is coming up in few weeks and some of you are still probably deciding on the costume that you’re going to wear to buddy's Halloween party. Something scary, silly, or sexy [I hope that's just the chicks].Well, I've been busy compiling an audio accompaniment for your little Monster Shindig. Life in general needs a good soundtrack and Halloween is no exception. What you dig up here is a mix of spooky surf, moon crazed rockabilly, and lurking sounds from the unknown. I think this will be pleasant and discomforting listening at the same time.

Some of you will notice there are a few songs that might bleed into each other, but you won't even care after you toss back a few shots of that green slimy stuff with the mystery lumps your fiend has concocted for the uninvited creeps that always lurk in unexpected.I could have made 2 volumes of music, trust me. Maybe with a little encouragement I will, we'll just see how this goes.
I really tried to capture the sound of Halloween not just some scary sounding song title, I mean the song "Go Go Girl" by the Fiends doesn't ring ScArY does it? Just wait until you hear it. Well, Germs and Vamps try not to drool too much, DaBoss is watching and you’ll have to clean it up afterwards.



Danger Will Robinson -- this tracks out at something like 79:59 if you use the burn at once option with no space inbetween tracks so you might want to hold off one cut and put it on a different comp later on. Just in case you have a cranky program. DB

1 comment:

Brandonio! said...

Thanks Da Boss for digging this thing back up again this year.Goes to show you can't keep a good thing down in the ground.

Now it's time to shake some dust off those raggedy ol' bones.

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