Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Brillantina’s (Los Brillanticos) Pulp-A-Madrilla

The Brillantina’s (Los Brillanticos) Pulp-A-Madrilla

Some instro-surf, some spaghetti twang, a little frat-rock, a bit of biker-fuzz-rock, an obvious rendition of the great classic composers of cinema scores and, the best of all, a shocking and solid rock spirit and attittude. Spanish twang at it’s best.

1 Hold On 2 Gardens Of Atakama 3 Noire Parranda 4 Magnolia Ice 5 Nessuno Me Puo Giudicare 6 El Perro Vicio 7 Lindo Pulgoso 8 Burlesque De Rhumba 9 Klezmer Queen Of Swamp 10 Nous Ne Sommes Pas Des Anges 11 Da Cruella Sun



Brandonio! said...

Oh yeah this one really smokes!
Thankee Big Boss Man.

massiosare89 said...

No download

You can fix it please?

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