Saturday, October 11, 2008

Voodoo Court - Nuclear Vacation: The Party's Over

A "musically mature" cd? It rocks hard just like the songs in the previous 2 releases. Sinister, sultry, seductive, (just listen to 007/Goldfinger!) but NEVER MELLOW. Voodoo Court's Nuclear Vacation: The Party's Over is one great little package. There are many top notch surf tunes on this, such as the eye opener "Surfing in Chad", the bouncy and fun "Coffee Stained Shirt", the hard edged "Third Times a Charm", the triumphant "Toxic Seaweed", and the energy driven "Thumb's Up". Voodoo Court has also included an amazing medley of the 007 theme with the theme from the best 007 movie ever, Goldfinger, my fave. I heartly recommend Voodoo Court's latest surftastic achievement.

1 Surfing in Chad 2 Elbow Grease 3 Coffee Stained Shirt 4 Third Time's a Charm
5 007 / Goldfinger 6 Thumb's Up 7 Sex Wacks 8 Badlands 9 100,000 Years
10 Toxic Seaweed 11 The Party's Over


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