Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Sleepwalkers - Twisted Fate

Brilliant early 60s style Rock 'n' Roll guitar instrumentals from this Finnish group. Lots of original material, crystal clear production, and perfect musical arrangements and performances. The Sleepwalkers are strongly influenced by the great instrumental guitar bands, performing with character and originality. Guaranteed to keep you awake.

Sleepwalkers Theme 2. Twistin' Tango 3. Mr. Z 4. Too Young 5. Above the Clouds 6. Shazam 7. Kvantingen 8. Twisted Fate 9. Beautiful Dream 10. Cossack 11. Golden Earrings 12. Gunfight Saloon 13. Dream of Autumn 14. Riding Guitars


1 comment:

Ron said...


Great album. That's the kind of music I like. A pure sixties style. They play the barbed wire style. A short pickin' kind of guitar playing like The Shadows. I've have never heard of these guys. But they're great!

Thanks, Ron

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