Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Proper Introduction to Ike Turner with Jackie Brenston

Forget that this alblum is a good sampler of Ike Turner's best work. Forget that this is high quality release from Proper Records. The original version of Rocket 88 is included here! The song, for those of you that don't know is, THE mother of all R&B songs. It is the epitome of the 50's R&B feel- drinking, women.. and that's not *is* afterall, a song about a car! What makes this song so special is the feel. The unique guitar sound was achived form stuffing a damaged guitar amplifier full of paper. The result was the *first* example of distortion. Mix that with some killer tenor sax and some tough-guy lyrics, and you have one of the most historically important and hardest rocking songs of all time. "Rocket" is historically entitled as the first Rock n' Roll song, recorded in 1951. Lots of other great gutar and wailin'. For you rock-a-billy fans if you're looking for something a little different give this cd a listin' well worth the money and some screaming guitar, I think you'll like it.

1.Rocket 88 - Jackie Brenston 2. Independent Woman - Jackie Brenston 3. My Real Gone Rocket - Jackie Brenston 4. Tuckered Out - Jackie Brenston 5. You Know I Love You - B.B. King 6. How Many More Years - Howlin' Wolf 7. Dry Up Baby - Robert Calvin Bland 8. Ridin' in the Moonlight - Howlin' Wolf 9. 3 O'Clock Blues - B.B. King 10. Gonna Let You Go - Ike Turner 11. Blue Serenade - Ike Turner 12. Please Send My Baby Back - Sunny Blair 13. Troubles & Heartaches - Ben Burton, Ben Burton, Ike Turner 14. You're Driving Me Insane - Ben Burton, Ben Burton, Ike Turner 15. Good Morning Baby 16. Relation Blues - Houston Boines 17. Rabbit Blues - Charley Booker 18. Charlie's Boogie Woogie - Charley Booker 19. Ramblin' on My Mind - Boyd Gilmore 20. Whole Heap of Mama 21. If You Feel Froggish 22. Lookin' for My Baby - Bonnie Turner, Ike Turner 23. My Heart Belongs to You - Bonnie Turner, Ike Turner 24. Bad Women Bad Whiskey - Junior Parker 25. Good Lovin' - Bobby "Blue" Bland 26. Shake It Up and Go - B.B. King 27. Beggin' My Baby - Little Milton 28. Somebody Told Me - Little Milton 29. Prisoner's Prayer - The Prisonaires



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