Monday, October 27, 2008

Surf Zombies

This record was recorded using state of the art equipment from the late 50's and early 60's. Feel the heat of the tubes from the amps as these boys rev up and rock. Lose yourself in the reverb, but don't forget to come up for air! You may be intoxicated by the savage jungle rhythms, the twirling swirling tremolo of the dueling guitars. Hotrod culture fans, tattoo junkies, punkers, the power pop crowd, all fans of great guitar work and everyone interested in all things cool should enjoy the vibes! Excellent trad surf, not horror surf – great cover – tho.

1 Hammerhead 2 Speedo 3 Submarina 4 Garage Jam 5 Space Ape 6 They Feed at Night 7 Sea Snake 8 289 to Ape City 9 Primitive E 10 Pretty Daddy 11 Seaside Heights 12 Skullaballo 13 The Meat Grinder 14 The Is 15 Nothing Good Happens after Midnight


1 comment:

Beastie said...

hey, here I am again, visited couple weeks ago and than again. Nice, what I have found here - congratulation. I have my own blog at multiply (user: beazley) if you happen to go there, take a look around. Recently discovered Jesus Christ Surferstar - what a cool music. So I take this zombie surf with me to share the result with other cool friends over there. Once again, nice blog, cool job, SIr!


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