Saturday, October 18, 2008

Los Cobras - De Capello

Head-boppin', Hip-shakin', Sand-kickin' Surf all the way from the shores of Michigan! Perfect for bonfires, beach parties, clam bakes, luaus, and backyard hootenannies. Serious chops, excellent driving instros. Amazing first effort--all you surf lovin’ rockers get this -- only problem is that it's a little too short.

1 Watery Grave 2. Edy 3. Astro Jam 4. Cobra Strike 5. Graveyard 6. Sunset Blue 7. Mastadon't 8. Jazz Thing 9.Venomous 10. Galiathon


1 comment:

rocker79 said...

hum :( link is broken, dude. Could u reupload it, please? sounds like worth a listen so bad!

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