Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aqua Velvets Nomad

While the Aqua Velvets have been at the forefront of the surf revival, their music is no slavish rehash of the genre's past glories. Instead the group offers an intriguing mix of surf stylings alongside a more complex menu of echo-laden Ennio Morricone-style spaghetti-Western soundtrack music, Latin rhythms, shimmering psychedelia, and ultrahip lounge lizardry. Nomad is their third and most accomplished effort, thanks to the sensual sway of the title track opener, the gradually building intensity of "Surf Nouveau," the evocative (and wonderfully titled) "Smoking Panatelas on the Blue Mediterranean Sea," and the roiling "Holly Tiki." And that's just the first four tracks. Overall, Nomad offers the perfect accompaniment for your next surfin' safari or even a quiet evening on the couch. --Daniel Durchholz

1. Nomad 2. Surf Nouveau 3. Smoking Panatelas On The Blue Mediterranean Sea 4. Holly Tiki 5. Snorkle Mask Replica 6. Return To Paia 7. Ho'okipa 8. In A Spanish Mood 9. Nervous On Neptune 10. Summer At Dreampoint 11. Shakahoochie 12. Shrunken Head


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