Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aqua Velvets Guitar Noir

The cover art is striking. Palm trees framing a cat's eye moon over the golden gate bridge. A view only obtainable from Treasure Island. Its easy to forget that San Franscisco was the home of Sam Spade--a place where Vertigo could be made--Mort Sahl could tell topical jokes between jazz sets, or people would pass around a jug of wine at a poetry reading. This music has all the ambience of the cool, old, San Fransciso of pulp detective novels, beats and cool jazz. think "Day in the Life of a Private Eye" summarizes the concept here--"Guitar Noir" could be good music for "Film Noir". Way cool in every sense of the word.

1. Guitar Noir 2. Prelude To Subterranea 3. Subterranea 4. Mysterious Mambo 5. Casbah Club 6. Venetian Silhouettes 7. Time Tripped 8. Day In The Life Of A Private Eyes 9. Slow Dance With A Fast Girl 10. Twilight Of The Hepcats 11. Aqua Nova 12. Silver Of Moon 13. Moodswing Sonata 14. Mermaids After Midnight


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