Friday, September 3, 2010

Fifty Foot Combo Go Hunting

More than just another modern day surf music band, The Fifty Foot Combo runs the gamut from surf to lounge to monster movie music sounds. This album is a killer - nice balance between powersurf and lounge-tunes. The live-tracks are amazing. WHen there's no beach around, this is a good substitute.

1. It's Alive 2. The Tunnel 3. Doe de Duif 4. Inspection #5 5. Robin Boy Wonder 6. Dimitrius 7. The Brain from Planet X 8. I Think I Shot Her 9. Drums A-Go-Go 10. The Escape
11. Minesweeper 12. Hully Gully Stomp 13. SL 54 Automatic [#] 14. Jack the Ripper [#]


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