Friday, September 3, 2010

Tiki Tones Songs for the Surburban Savages

This CD sounds like it could have been the soundtrack to a 60s surf movie! If you like the Ventures, you will probably like this stuff. Spectre Detector sounds a little like the Munster's Theme. The CD has a lot of guitars, drums, and organ. These songs are what you would expect to hear in the background of a movie scene at a beach club. The sound may be best described as a lounge/surf hybrid.

1 Spectre Detector 2 Zombi Hut 3 Night of the Tikis 4 On the Scene 5 Typhoon Twist 6 Go Go Loco 7 One Mint Julep 8 Kon-Tiki 9 Don't Go in the Shed 10 CX-9 11 High Seas Drifter 12 Twister


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Derk Biondi said...

Found this album in my college radio station's music library. It's a really tasty album with a great style throughout! Love the organ-like synth on the entire album, especially CX-9 (I think that track has some nice synth licks)

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