Friday, September 24, 2010

Jimmy Witherspoon with Brother Jack McDuff

"Jimmy Witherspoon recorded a series of excellent albums for Verve in the late '60s. Unfortunately, these have not received the attention they deserve, and are frequently relegated in Witherspoon's huge catalog. The Blues Is Now is arguably the finest of these recordings, and Witherspoon's voice is in top form and hugely expressive. Like all of the artist's albums of the decade, it's not the most consistent of listening experiences, but that's of little interest when songs and performances are as good as "My Baby's Quit Me" and Witherspoon's own "Late One Evening." A light-night blues classic, this is Witherspoon at his most relaxed and assured and is a joy to listen to."

01. Sweet Slumber 3:53
02. I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town 2:48
03. Past Forty Blues 4:23
04. S.K. Blues 2:25
05. Late One Evening 3:03
06. Part Time Woman 3:31
07. Good Rockin' Tonight 2:17
08. I Won't Tell a Soul (I Love You) 5:20
09. My Baby's Quit Me 3:12
10. My Money's Long This Morning, Baby 2:11


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