Friday, September 17, 2010

Michael Schenker Instrumental Intensity

Instrumental Intensity contains some of Michael Schenker's greatest instrumental recordings, culled from his many Shrapnel releases. The instrumental arena is where Schenker's soaring melodies and riveting solos really shine. A brilliant composer with a master's technique, Schenker's performances are a celebration of rock guitar in its purest form. 56 minutes in length approximately. The sound is very good-what you would expect from Schenker in a studio situation. guitars and keyboards,and,once again,the rhythm section of Sparks and Gaalaas. Tracks 10 and 11 are solo numbers by Schenker,with his beautiful acoustic guitar work in the forefront.

For fans of Schenker's beautiful and,at times,astounding guitar prowess,this is something worth considering purchasing. The title is no misnomer-this has some intense guitar/rhythm section workouts ("Old Man With Sheep On Mars","Three Fish Dancing",as examples) as only Schenker can produce,and,at times,Schenker sounds much like he did in UFO. The acoustic tracks are a beautiful balance between his in-your-face-electric-sound,and his more delicate,introspective sound. While there's nothing shockingly new here,Schenker's guitar is,as always,out front,and listeners who like his sound and approach will find much to like here. Add in a rhythm section capable of keeping up with him,and this is another good album of hard,guitar-rock,with a good look at Schenker's acoustic guitar work and arranging. This is one of those albums that seems to sound better at a louder than normal volume. If this doesn't have you playing air-guitar (or drums),then something's wrong with your ears.

01 Achtung Fertig, Los!
02 Old Man With Sheep On Mars
03 Three Fish Dancing
04 A
05 N
06 D
07 Bijou Pleasurette/Positive Forward
08 Captain Nemo
09 Essence
10 I Am Gratetful
11 The Creator
12 Bonus Track



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