Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mambohammer - ST

Beware humans! The constantly burning city of Lappeenranta has spawned yet another monster. MAMBOHAMMER takes you to their voyage to the bottom of humanity and it feels this ****in' sweet! MAMBOHAMMER consist of members from Anal Thunder, Pronssinen Pokaali and the Verticals. The backbone of their sound is John O. Mambo's (The Verticals) song writing, that is loyal to surf and garage rock roots, and his loud and twangy guitar. The rhytm section of Lez, Hans and Man-Helena is equally on +/-, whether it's time to speed up like in the title song 'Mambohammer' and the closing track 'Suzuki Samurai', or take it down like in the mellow and deep 'Medicine Water'. Serious surfin' twang. Short and oh so sweet.

1. Dead City
2. Mambohammer
3. Miss Mantis
4. Medicine Water
5. Suzuki Samurai


1 comment:

Brandonio! said...

You've got my interest! Sounds right up my alley!

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