Sunday, March 20, 2011

Knukel Drager - Now Monster Sound

Knuckel Drager is a fire breathing garage surf band from Madison Wisconsin.
Little else is known about them, they wear
scary masks, and play a brand of music that could be compared to newer
garage punk bands like The Mummies,The Bomboras and The Lords Of Altamont.
Those wild tear 'em up bands!
They're crazy onstage,and use a traditional garage band instrument -a keyboard,
but their keyboard breathes fire! Their music is wild, and usually instrumental, short bursts of speed garage surf. Check it out wild childs.

(Mod Top, Baron von Surf Helmet, Beatnik BBQ, Vamp Camp, Twinkies With Machine Guns, Drag Bike '71, Knuckel Stomp, Situation 69, Church Bus, Penetration, Panic In Lane Zero, Evil Rider, The Song That Cannot Be Named)



brad32 said...

Awesome band! I've seen em a bunch o times - They have 2 other rekkids out there ("Slam Bang Showdown!" and "You Do Better!") I can upload em if'n you want...

DaBoss said...

Hey Brad- yes- upload and pass along - always love more. Thanks

You said...


brad32 said...

Hey Boss,

Here's slam bang showdown:

I'll track down the other one soon - sorry it's taken so long!

Unknown said...

Any chance of a repost? I just found out about this awesome band!

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