Saturday, November 21, 2009

California Guitar Trio - Live

CGT is an amazing trio of innovative guitar players that come from or are inspired by the Robert Fripp school of guitarrist. These live interpretations stand as a great overview of both their work and the ability to transform different styles and other's work into the trio's musical style. The three guitar arregements are clever and sometimes so good that it's almost scary. Three guys with guitars playing instrumental music that was a combination of classical, rock, jazz and....SURF. The trio is also augmented by Tony Levin (another King Crimson member with Fripp) and this provides the needed bass sound to make the trio's sound more complete. CGT is not only about talented guitar work, but amazing guitar tone. Just as a good golfer selects the right club to play each hole, CGT selects high-end fabulous sounding guitars that fit perfectly with each song. Take a wonderful ride through just about every musical style you can think of.

01 - Train To Lamy 02 - Zundoko bushi 03 - Blockhead 04 - Punta Patri 05 - Apache 06 - Sketches on Sunset 07 - Discipline 08 - Misirlou 09 - Many People Ask Us 10 - Melrose Avenue
11 - Dance of Maya 12 - Heaven's Bells 13 - Heart Of The Sunrise 14 - Caravan 15 - Eve


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