Monday, November 30, 2009

Danny Gatton American Music

Originally released on vinyl in 1975, this was the first album to document the six-string genius of the late Danny Gatton. Stylistically, it's all over the place, veering from rockabilly to jazz to blues to good old fashioned rock and roll, with the one constant being Gatton's fretboard wizardry. Fascinating and essential in that it provides an early glimpse of Gatton at the beginning of an artistic journey that would tragically end with his suicide in 1994. Harlem Nocturne is KILLER.
This album may not be one of the best he ever put out, was the first. He was explosive then, and his vintage improved with the passing years. If you collect, get this. Recommended for fans of big guitars.

1. American Music 2. Hauled off and Loved Her
3. Good Enough to Keep 4. Ubangi Stomp
5. After Hours 6. Honeysuckle Rose 7. Tribute to Amos Milburn 8. TV Mama [#] 9. Memphis [Disco Funk] 10. Move on Down the Line
11. Opus de Funk [#] 12. Harlem Nocturne


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