Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Surftones - Expose Yourself to Surfers

Formed in 1996, the instrumental surf quartet of the aptly titled Surftones where inspired by the beach party antics of surf, sand, and warm weather -- ironically enough, their home turf is based in the very frigid Jyv?skyl?, Finland. After signing with MahoPop Records not too long after their first show, the band's debut full-length, Expose Yourself to Surfers, came out in the same year that they got together. Two years later they followed with their second album, Who Stole My Hypnotics?


1. Spies of Bermuda
2. Fore
3. Return of the Zu-Zu Man
4. Surftown Rock
5. Waves of India
6. Mazatlan
7. Hit the Lip


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