Friday, April 22, 2011

Brad Paisley - Play: The Guitar Album

In an unusual move for an established country singer, Brad Paisley's PLAY is a primarily instrumental album that puts its focus entirely on Paisley's underrated guitar work. Only 4 vocals and the instrumental work in those excels. Far from being a traditional country album, or even a contemporary country-pop album, PLAY works in a wide variety of genres, including Les Paul-style jazz, ripping surf rock, old-fashioned electric Chicago blues, and metal-tinged rock & roll.
Paisley also assembles quite a list of guest stars: a re-recording of an early hit features a guest appearance by the actor Andy Griffith, while the Bakersfield country rocker "Come On In" features the late Buck Owens and a bluesy take on "Let the Good Times Roll" welcomes B.B. King. Two vocal tracks, "Start A Band" and "More Than Just This Song," feature Keith Urban and Steve Warriner, respectively, while the epic "Cluster Pluck" is a tongue-in-cheek high-speed dash through the history of country guitar showcasing James Burton, Vince Gill, Albert Lee, and four other guitarists besides. Good is good no matter what genre it is. Very recommended. You will be surprised as to how good it is - so check it out and thank me later.

1. Huckleberry Jam
2. Turf's Up
3. Start A Band (Duet With Keith Urban)
4. Kim
5. Departure
6. Come On In (Featuring Buck Owens)
7. Playing With Fire
8. Kentucky Jelly
9. More Than Just This Song (Featuring Steve Wariner)
10. Les Is More
11. Pre-Cluster Cluster Pluck Prequel
12. Cluster Pluck (Featuring James Burton, Vince Gill, Albert Lee, John Jorgenson, Brent Mason, Redd Volkaert and Steve Wariner)
13. Cliffs Of Rock City
14. Let The Good Times Roll (Featuring B.B. King)
15. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
16. Waitin' On A Woman (With Andy Griffith)


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