Friday, April 1, 2011

Longhorn Devils Spitfire BarBee

If you enjoy Los Straitjackets, the Treble Spankers, or the Reventlos, you'll like this CD. This Dutch twang based crunch band rocks and swings, and drives home their point with precision and power. Excellent writing and production, powerful playing and an intense experience into the world of instrumental rock. More than surf and twang combined, this release displays highly enjoyable and comfortable, yet complex and intellectual music with hard driving emotional content and powerful rhythms.

Fans of recent Dutch outfits such as the Treble Spankers and the Krontjong Devils will find plenty to like on "Spitfire Bar-Bee" from the movin' and groovin' opening of "Monkey Ride" to the pinpoint timing and musical virtuosity of "Gabad" to the eerie aggression of "Winnetou."
Phil Dirt has commented, "This should be a monster release among surf rock instro fans."

1. Monkey Ride
2. Clash of the Titans
3. Devil's Turf
4. Templar's Surf
5. Phantome
6. Gabad
7. New Bond
8. Misery Blues
9. Donkey Shot
10. Private Eye
11. Winnetou
12. Shark Cheese
13. Saz Chase [*]



Unknown said...

I've been after this for a while, thanks!

Derk Biondi said...

Hey DaBoss!

Great blog! I love the Surf albums you post, always top-quality stuff. keep postin' tasty SURF!!! I do a weekly Surf show and your blog really helps!

Derk Brigante of The Surfphony of Derstruction

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